Rubbish Removal Sydney: The Importance of Recycling Metal

One of the most common materials found in everyday life is metal.

Whether it’s the aluminum can you’re drinking from, the knife and fork you eat your meals with or the car you drive to and from work, metal is everywhere.

Furthermore, it’s essential that we recycle all metal possible. When we do, we see a number of great benefits, both financially and environmentally.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re passionate about responsible Sydney rubbish removal, including the reduction, reusing of and recycling of all materials possible.

Therefore, here are a few of the benefits of recycling metal.

Save on Resources

It’s a simple equation; the more metal we recycle, the less natural resources we need to take from the earth to manufacture new metals.

In fact, recycling one tonne of steel saves more than a tonne of the iron ore and other materials required to manufacture it.

Sustainability is something we truly care about at Sydney City Rubbish, and therefore we ensure sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

For an environmentally friendly Sydney rubbish removal project, we’re here to help.

Reduced Energy Use

Recycling metal saves plenty of energy. For example, recycling aluminium conserves 90% of the energy that would have been used for new ore.

Moreover, the recycling process also conserves 90% of energy for copper recycling and 56% of the energy needed for steel manufacturing.

Conserve energy and help the environment, by hiring a professional Sydney rubbish removal company to remove your scrap metal waste.

Less Pollution

The recycling process creates less pollution than the manufacturing process.

For example, the greenhouse gases produced by the metal recycling process are far less than the amount that the manufacturing process creates.

Moreover, when metal ends up in landfill rather than the recycling plant, it can cause soil and water pollution.

Harmful chemicals are present in a number of metals, especially lead, iron and heavy metals. Unfortunately, these chemicals can contaminate water and soil, leading to damage to plants, animals and people.

Therefore, to ensure that pollution is as minimal as possible, hire a Sydney rubbish removal company to remove your scrap metal.

Saves Money

It goes without saying that recycling metal saves money.

Furthermore, in terms of the greater economy, recycling metal actually creates 36 times more jobs than incinerating metal waste; a huge result in any country.

In the USA, the recycling industry generates $236 billion every year.

Looking to the future, continually recycling metal in Sydney and around the world will keep the price of metal materials low.

To discuss a Sydney rubbish removal project for your business or home, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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