Rubbish Removal Sydney: The Impact of Improper Waste Disposal

A large urban centre like Sydney inevitably produces all kinds of waste.

This rubbish can range from household waste like plastic, food scraps and old furniture, to construction waste and commercial rubbish.

It’s this broad range of rubbish that keeps Sydney rubbish removal companies like Sydney City Rubbish in business.

However, because there is so much waste produced in our city on a daily basis, it can prove to be a headache for people and businesses to handle.

As a result, some people and businesses dispose of their waste irresponsibly.

This may involve illegal dumping, burning of waste, burying it or hiring unqualified Sydney rubbish removal ‘professionals’.

Unfortunately, the impact of this improper rubbish disposal is catastrophic for the environment, and for people.

It Harms the Environment

We now know more than ever about the effect of plastic and other pollutants on animals, particularly marine life.

Images of turtles, fish, sharks and other species caught in nets, or choked by plastic wrapping are all over social media and newspapers.

Unfortunately, this is almost always the result of incorrect rubbish removal and disposal techniques.

Plastic thrown onto the street can end up in the storm water system, where it then gets washed into rivers and then the ocean.

Once it’s there, it can end up on the other side of the world, and can cause havoc on marine life along the way.

Moreover, plastic and other waste items will damage plants and contaminate soil when they are dumped in parks and other green spaces.

This is such a shame not only because of the damage this pollution does, but also because of how easy it is to avoid.

Scheduling a regular Sydney rubbish removal service for your business, or a domestic rubbish removal service, will ensure none of your waste ends up in the wrong place.

It Harms People

More research has been done into the effects of pollution and even landfill sites on people who live, work or spend time nearby.

Unfortunately, the results have been concerning.

Contaminated soil, chemical leaks and other pollutants have been found to cause a number of illnesses. In more serious cases, this includes cancer and birth defects.

What may have seemed fine to dump fifty years ago is now causing havoc on communities around Sydney.

For example, about 60% of gardens in Sydney’s inner west reported unsafe levels of lead contamination.

This is just one chemical that is having a direct impact on the lives of people in Sydney.

Another growing issue is the dumping of electronic waste, such as computers, phones and other IT equipment.

The special metals and chemicals from these items can contaminate soil and water, also affecting people in a similar way to lead.

It’s imperative to contact a professional rubbish removal company to handle your waste, particularly if you think there may be a chance of contamination.

It Costs Taxpayers

The annual bill for cleaning up dumped rubbish in Sydney is sizeable.

Each year, taxpayers contribute at least half a million dollars to cleaning up illegally dumped waste in the Sydney area. This figure is on top of rates for standard rubbish removal.

Paying this amount could be easily avoided if everyone disposed of their waste responsibly and with care.

To discuss your Sydney rubbish removal project, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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