Concrete Cutting Sydney

We provide precise concrete cutting in Sydney, for both commercial and residential projects. Our team of construction and demolition experts are here to deliver efficient services, a safe job site, and fantastic results.

Why Sydney City Rubbish for concrete cutting?

We have many years of experience in stripping out and demolishing commercial workplaces, offices, industrial workplaces, and much more. Concrete cutting is an important part of most of these projects, and our experience shines through on every project we complete. We pride ourselves on our care and expertise when drilling.

Our concrete cutting services include:

  • Floor sawing
  • Wall sawing
  • Sawing sections for installation of utilities
  • And much more.

We’ll take the time to identify your requirements and understand your project in depth. This allows us to deliver a fantastic concrete sawing program every time. We’ll also ensure that steps are taken to eliminate disruption if people are working close by. This may mean working out of hours, or overnight. Whatever it takes to get the job done!

Health and safety

The safety of your people, our people, and anyone close by is paramount. This is why we’re absolutely committed to safe practices on site. Concrete cutting is a task that comes with plenty of safety hazards, so we’re always equipped with high-quality PPE. On top of that, we conduct regular training so that our experienced crew remain at the cutting-edge of their game.

Our concrete cutting process


We start with a discussion about your requirements to understand your project in detail. Once we have a thorough understanding of your needs, we’ll deliver an accurate, competitive quote. Keep in mind that concrete cutting may be part of a larger demolition or strip out project.


Our team will arrive on site and assess your structure to determine the best approach to an efficient, safe concrete cutting process. We’ll also identify any hazards or potential problem areas before beginning, and take steps to eliminate these.


We’ll cut your concrete with precision and care, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment or people. We will take our time to deliver an exceptional result, so that the rest of the demolition or renovation process runs smoothly.


Once cutting is complete, we will clean the area thoroughly and remove all waste. This leaves your space in perfect condition and ensures that all trip and fall hazards are removed.

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We’re always ready to help Sydney businesses or homeowners with concrete cutting projects of all sizes. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. We can’t wait to hear from you!

What we take at Sydney City Rubbish

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