Rubbish Removal Sydney: Avoiding Soil Contamination

Soil contamination is a frequent and serious byproduct of the mismanagement of waste disposal.

In Australia, there are 160,000 sites around the country that are polluted with as many as 75,000 different contaminants, according to the Institute for Sustainable Futures, in 2014.

One example is lead contamination, which is frighteningly high in a number of suburbs around Sydney.

For example, some studies have suggested that extensive lead contamination is present in three of four Sydney inner-west backyards.

Exposure to lead can cause terrible and irreversible harm to children in particular, affecting mental and cognitive development.

This is only one of countless pollutants.

And as well as serious health problems, soil contamination can also lead to economic, legal and planning problems.

Therefore, it’s imperative that the appropriate measures are always taken to avoid any kind of soil contamination.

Here are some ways you can do that.


Hire the Professionals

We’ll ensure that your waste ends up in the right place, avoiding any potential soil contamination.

This is such an important part of the waste disposal process, as we endeavour to protect people and the environment from any kind of contamination.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we always practice sustainable rubbish removal.

That means that we are partnered with EPA approved facilities and are extremely thorough about reusing and repurposing waste.

Moreover, we take every measure possible to avoid harming the environment.


Know Your Waste

We always recommend that you know exactly what you are throwing away.

If you don’t, then some toxic chemicals and other contaminants may well end up in landfill, where they can find their way into the eco-system.

Therefore, when you have a good understanding of which waste types can cause soil contamination, you’ll be able to better avoid this problem.

A professional rubbish removal company will be able to help you identify certain waste types and remove them for you.


Avoid Using Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals should be avoided at all costs. In place of them, use eco-friendly products, which will have a far better impact on the environment.

Moreover, when you do use any kind of chemical substance, make sure that you take every measure to prevent it from entering storm water.

From there, it will seep into soil, as well as rivers, lakes and the ocean.

To discuss responsible Sydney rubbish removal, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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