Rubbish Removal Sydney: Sustainability in the Office (Part Four)

This is part four of our comprehensive guide to sustainability in the office.

In this day and age, we all need to be making a commitment to be more environmentally friendly.

In a commercial setting, this can be done in a variety of ways. We’ve mentioned a number of them so far in our comprehensive guide to sustainability in the office.

To continue that trend, here are another four measures you can take to aid sustainability in your Sydney office.

Use Environmentally Friendly Paper

Unfortunately, no matter how digitally focused we are, there’ll always be a need for paper.

However, this doesn’t mean we can’t still be environmentally conscious.

For example, ensuring that you only order recycled paper, you’ll be having a far better impact on the environment.

Moreover, using exclusively recycled paper will result in a financial saving over time; less Sydney rubbish removal costs, and lower paper manufacturing costs.

Encourage Green Commuting

Sustainability can also translate to the actions your staff take outside the office. An important one is the daily commute.

In Australia, roughly 87% of workers commute by car.

This is an enormous figure, made even more impactful by the fact that transport emissions make up 18% of all greenhouse gas pollution in the country.

Therefore, to minimise the emissions that your employees’ work commute produces, suggest alternatives.

This can involve taking public transport, cycling or walking, as opposed to driving to work.

Moreover, a carpool program in the office can work wonders, cutting down both emissions and travel costs for your staff.

Buy Second Hand

Purchasing items second hand instead of brand new is always a positive result for the environment.

For example, we’ve previously discussed the benefits of secondhand office furniture in depth. Not only will it save your business money, it also cuts down on manufacturing emissions.

Furthermore, it will also save on rubbish removal costs in Sydney. It’s far more efficient to reuse furniture than dispose of it entirely.

Aside from furniture, there are many other materials and items that can be purchased secondhand and used in the office.

For instance, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures and fittings and even lighting options for your office space.

Get Waste Management Tips from a Sydney Rubbish Removal Company

Responsible waste management can be difficult to navigate without help from a professional Sydney rubbish removal company.

Thankfully at Sydney City Rubbish, we’re well versed in responsible waste management, in all kinds of settings.

We’ve provided countless rubbish removal services, as well as advice to a number of businesses across Sydney.

To discuss rubbish removal and sustainability in your Sydney office, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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