Building Your Office Waste Management Plan

More office based businesses are ‘going green’ every year.

However, you won’t be a truly ‘green’ business until you’re successfully managing and reducing your waste output.

This involves knowing exactly what waste your business is producing, as well how to handle it, whether that be reducing, reusing or recycling it.

There are myriad environmental and financial benefits for your business when implementing a successful waste management plan.

Here’s a guide to help get your plan up and running.

Create a ‘Green’ Team

To make your waste management program as effective as possible, form a waste management team.

This small group of workers can take responsibility for overseeing the waste management process, and for communicating with and educating the rest of your staff.

They don’t have to be waste experts, but should be passionate about eco-friendly practices and willing to learn as much as possible.

As it’s not a time-consuming commitment, forming this team won’t cost your business much in the way of productivity.

In fact, research has shown that an office with a successful waste management plan in place can be a more productive environment.


Managing your office rubbish isn’t possible if your staff aren’t well informed.

Your workers must be well versed in the plan that your business is trying to implement, as well as the effect poor waste management has on the business, and the environment.

Education is key, so it’s important your waste management committee is keeping your entire organisation up to date and educated about proper practice.


Once your committee is established, have them perform an audit into the waste that your business produces.

Work out exactly how much of it there is, and where it currently goes.

When you have this information, you can put together an accurate plan on how to manage this waste, including reducing, reusing and recycling.

By doing this, you’re helping to plan a more effective system for rubbish removal in Sydney.


Based on your waste audit, the waste management team can now obtain and place bins in strategic locations around the office.

There should be bins for paper, other recycling and landfill, to ensure that you’re practicing proper waste segregation.

In the office kitchen, you can provide a bin for compostable materials. Just make sure this one is emptied regularly to avoid a bad smell!

Rubbish removal in Sydney is an important issue, and your office can help by utilising the right bins.

Contract an Office Rubbish Removal Company

An office rubbish removal company can help you assess your waste management needs.

Sydney City Rubbish can help to remove your waste and dispose of it responsibly. We are committed to sustainability, and therefore reuse and recycle everything possible.

We specialise in bulky items such as furniture, as well as e-waste, a common facet of commercial rubbish collection in Sydney.

It’s important to work with an office rubbish removal company so that you’re able to effectively manage every type of waste that your office produces.

See an Improvement

Once you’ve successfully implemented these practices, you’ll begin to see an improvement.

With a focus on reduction, you’ll see your business producing less waste. The waste that you do produce will be reused, recycled and disposed of responsibly.

All of these efforts will combine to make your business truly ‘green’, and the environment will thank you for it.

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