Rubbish Removal Sydney: Sustainability in the Office (Part Five)

This is part five of our comprehensive guide to sustainability in your office.

Convincing your staff members to be more sustainable can be difficult.

This is understandable, because the positive effect of our sustainable actions often isn’t immediately visible. However, sustainability in the office is more important than ever.

Here are another four tips on implementing more sustainable practices in your office.

Buy Supplies in Bulk

Purchasing office supplies in bulk not only saves money for your organisation, but it also has a positive impact on the environment.

First of all, purchasing in bulk means less packaging (often plastic) is used, as there will be fewer individual orders.

Secondly, bulk orders mean less transport pollution. Less deliveries will be required, which means lower emissions from trucks and other transport vehicles.

Lastly, the products that are being delivered in bulk, whether it’s food, condiments or tea and coffee, will be fresher.

Therefore, there are a number of benefits to purchasing items in bulk. Moreover, it will also save on your Sydney commercial rubbish removal costs; less packaging means less waste.

Use Green Cleaning Chemicals

When it comes to commercial cleaning in the office, it’s likely that you employ a Sydney commercial cleaning company to regularly maintain your office.

However, it’s important that you ensure they use only eco-friendly chemicals.

If the chemicals that you or your cleaning company uses are not eco-friendly, chances are they’re entering the waterways and causing damage to the environment.

Not only can normal or heavy-duty cleaning chemicals have a negative effect on the environment, but they can also harm your staff.

Therefore, ensure you hire a Sydney commercial cleaning company that uses eco-friendly chemicals and operates sustainably.

Dispose of Electronic Waste Responsibly

Electronic waste can cause havoc on both the environment and people if it isn’t disposed of properly. Unfortunately, it often isn’t.

In fact, the metals and chemicals that make up the computers, phones, printers and other electrical goods that we dispose of regularly can cause soil and water pollution.

Therefore, ensure you dispose of your electronic waste responsibly.

The most efficient way to ensure this is to hire a Sydney rubbish removal company for a regular e-waste collection service.

Hold a Recycling Competition

One way to encourage recycling in the office is with incentives.

Recycling competitions between teams and individuals are becoming more common in offices throughout Sydney, and for good reason.

These competitions will mean more of the recyclable waste in your office ends up where it needs to go.

Moreover, it helps to ingrain positive recycling habits into your workforce, which should last well after you finish your recycling competitions.

Incentives like an extra hour of break time or a delicious lunch will be great for inciting your staff to recycle more and more.

To discuss sustainability in your office, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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