Seven Tips for Recycling in the Office

Recycling in the office is a crucial part of maintaining a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

However, if you’re not adequately prepared or educated, your recycling efforts may well just go to waste.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your recycling efforts, and therefore, minimise your impact on the environment.

Here are seven recycling tips from Sydney City Rubbish, for you.


Measure Your Waste

First of all, measure and document your waste.

This includes working out how much recyclable waste your office produces, and precisely what this waste consists of.

Once you have this information, you’ll then be able to work out how to best reduce certain types of waste, and how to recycle better.


Recycle More Items

It’s not just paper and cardboard that should be recycled in your office.

Plenty of other waste, such as electronic waste and second-hand furniture, should be recycled too. The best way to do that – contract a Sydney rubbish removal company.

This will ensure that your organisation is being as efficient as possible when it comes to recycling your waste.


Keep Organic Waste Separate

Too often, we see lunches thrown into bins with recyclable waste.

To avoid this problem, provide bins specifically for organic waste. Encourage composting among your staff, and you’ll see the results quickly.


Provide More Bins

Some people get lazy about recycling, and it happens in the office too.

Make sure your workers don’t have any excuses for not putting their paper waste in the right place, by providing plenty of bins.


Encourage Staff

Regularly communicating with your staff about recycling will make it easier for your company to maintain proper waste management.

When your workers are properly informed about the benefits of recycling, and reminded often, they’ll become better at it.


Phase Out Takeaway Containers and Cups

One part of your communication with staff can be about reducing the use of single use cups and takeaway containers.

You could even go a step further and ban them entirely from your office.


Reuse Old Office Supplies

Office supplies are often thrown out ahead of their time.

Pads of sticky notes, staples, boxes and other items can be placed on a shelf, where staff can simply grab them when required.


To discuss recycling in your office, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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