How Should You Dispose of Your Sydney Office Waste?

Every business will produce some kind of waste, and one of the most common types of commercial waste in Sydney is office waste. So, how should you dispose of your office waste in Sydney? Let’s take a closer look.

What is office waste?

Office waste, also known as commercial waste, consists of a wide variety of rubbish and junk types. Essentially, it’s any kind of garbage created by a commercial office environment. The most common kinds of commercial office waste include:

– Paper waste
– Cardboard and miscellaneous recyclables
– Cans, bottles, and plastic containers
– Plastic wrapping
– Used stationary
– Electronic waste, such as computers, tablets, and phones
– Office chairs
– Desks and workstations
– Compactus and storage units
– Tables
– Kitchen joinery
– Storage cabinets.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we deal with office junk removal on a daily basis, and throughout our adventures, we see plenty of items that aren’t on this list. If it’s produced by an office, we can deal with it. Aside from hiring the experts, there are a number of other ways that you can dispose of your Sydney office waste.

How should you dispose of office waste?

Recycling bins

Recycling bins are a must in any workplace these days. Paper, plastic, aluminium and cardboard should be disposed of in the right receptacles. Placing these items in general waste bins is simply unacceptable, and must be avoided at all costs. This is where providing ample recycling bins is essential for every office business.

They should always be accessible, and brightly coloured, so that the bins are not missed by your people. This means there’s no excuse for not recycling. Signage is incredibly valuable here too – it’s easy to obtain signs that show exactly what can be placed in the recycling bin, and what can’t.

On top of this, offer receptacles for recycling of soft plastics, batteries, and other common items found in the office. The more you recycle, the better the impact that your organisation is having on the environment.

Confidential waste

Though offices use less paper than in the past, there will still be confidential information to deal with. These sensitive files and documents must be destroyed comprehensively, so that information isn’t inadvertently leaked. Shredders are ideal for this task.

E-waste programs

There are a number of programs available for e-waste recycling, and facilities which specialise in recycling them and recovering the resources that they contain. Old computers, tablets, phones and other electronics must be handled responsibly and in an eco-friendly manner. This is because they contain plenty of reusable materials that can be redirected into the manufacturing process, closing the loop.

If your e-waste hasn’t reached the end of its life, and you’re just upgrading, there are other options. You may be able to have your computers wiped and refurbished. Once that has occurred, you will be able to sell them second hand, either to individuals or another organisation that is looking for a bargain.

In the end, this is a much better option than simply allowing computers to languish in your storage room, or end up in landfill.

Rubbish removal company

Every business should have a quality Sydney rubbish removal company on speed dial. They’re the ones you’ll call when you have large waste items, a huge amount of junk to get rid of, or just need fast office junk removal. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re the best in the business when it comes to office cleanouts and commercial waste removal.

An expert rubbish removal Sydney company will operate with professionalism at all times. They should be able to arrive swiftly and remove your waste in a safe, efficient manner. Then, depending on what kind of waste was removed, your rubbish removal company should be disposing of it in a sustainable manner.

We’re here to help you with large, bulky office waste, or office cleanout, whenever you need.

Composting and organic waste receptacles

Offices generate plenty of food waste… employees have to eat! This food waste does need to be disposed of properly, and in an eco-friendly manner. That’s where composting is so valuable, for your business and the environment. And it’s easy to do, by placing composting bins around the office and educating your employees on what is organic and what is not.

Organic waste is a valuable resource when turned into compost, because it has a very wide range of uses. It can also be directed back into useful material incredibly quickly, and then utilised in gardens and manufacturing processes.

General waste bins

These should always be the last resort for you and your employees. Reduction and recycling is always the better option, so general waste bins should ideally be emptied infrequently. However, it is essential to place a large number of them around the office so that no waste is missed. Do keep in mind though, that there should be a recycling bin next to every general waste bin, and overall, there should be more of these throughout your workplace.

Top tips on dealing with office waste

Here are a few additional tips on how to deal with your office waste in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Remember, it’s a team effort

Everyone in the office must be contributing to proper waste management. If you don’t have your entire office onboard, there’s a good chance that there will still be waste going astray, and into the incorrect receptacle. Your people may also be missing out on the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable waste management program.

Partner with the experts

As we mentioned earlier, an expert Sydney rubbish removal company is worth plenty. You simply must have a reliable rubbish removal contractor who is ready to come to your workplace and remove your Sydney office junk, quickly and safely. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re the best in the business, and we’re ready to help.

Continual education

Your people are the ones who will ultimately decide whether they place their waste into a recycling bin, or the general waste bin. Therefore, it’s essential to continue to educate your company on the dos and don’ts of eco-friendly waste management. Keeping everyone informed and up to date makes everything so much easier.

Expert Sydney office waste removal

If you’re looking for a reliable, expert Sydney rubbish removal company, we’re ready to help. We have extensive experience in dealing with office junk and office cleanouts in Sydney, and our team operates safely at all times. Get in touch with us today for a quote.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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