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Office junk… the bane of commercial businesses all over Sydney, and the world.

Commercial waste is often awkward to deal with, because much of it is physically large, which makes it difficult to remove. Other items, like computers and appliances, must be recycled at an appropriate facility, which adds much more work to the waste management process.

Expert Sydney office junk removal is a must for any office-based business. A quality rubbish removal services ensures that you are able to keep your business on track, ensure your people are safe, and maintain a sustainable approach to waste management.

Let’s take a closer look at office junk and Sydney office junk removal.

What is office junk?

Office junk is basically any kind of waste that is produced by a commercial business. It includes a wide variety of items and materials, but there are a number of repeat offenders that we see on a daily basis.

Office furniture

Office furniture is commonplace in workplaces all over Sydney. But when it reaches the end of its useful life, or you decide to upgrade, the furniture needs to be removed by a rubbish removal company in Sydney. This furniture usually consists of tables and chairs, stools, kitchen tables and plenty of other items.


E-waste, or electronic waste, requires a professional touch. Commercial businesses go through hundreds, and sometimes thousands of computers, every single financial year. Much of the time, these computers can be refurbished and sold secondhand to other businesses, or to individuals via computer sale companies.

However, many of the computers, phones and tablets have reached the end of their useable lives. When this happens, they should not be dumped into landfills – instead, the e-waste should be handled by an office junk removal company, who knows their stuff and promotes sustainable waste management at every turn.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we always have the environment in mind when dealing with office waste. This means that when we do remove old computers and other electronics, we take them to certified e-waste recycling facilities. Here, the electronics are broken down into parts and reintegrated into the manufacturing process.

Office chairs

Office chairs are often heavy, bulky, and difficult to remove. Some businesses attempt to rally their own staff to shift old office chairs out of the building, but this is a risky proposition. Improper training and poor technique can cause all sorts of risks when lifting items like office chairs.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we deal with all kinds of office chairs. We understand that they may be composed of different materials, including plastic and metals. This means they’re often recyclable, but occasionally are not. We’ll be able to remove your old office chairs and then determine the best course of action for them.

Desks and workstations

Office desks are another tricky one, because they’re often heavy and awkward to shift. The good news is that most desks are at least partly made up of wood, meaning they are able to be recycled or repurposed. The same goes for certain metal and plastic components, and we ensure that this is the case at Sydney City Rubbish.

Shelves and cabinets

Every office requires shelves and cabinets for storage of files, stationary, and other office equipment. When you are beginning a refurbishment or reorganising your office, it’s probably time for them to go. We deal with shelves and joinery on a regular basis, and have the removal process down to a fine art.

Why do you need an office declutter in Sydney?

An office junk cleanout in Sydney is always a good idea. It creates a more breathable space, ensures that your office looks excellent, and removes any health and safety hazard that might be present. This is exactly why you should consider an office junk declutter today, and give your space a new lease on life.

We work with businesses all over the city to complete swift, safe, and comprehensive Sydney office declutter projects on a regular basis. We understand exactly how to work with you, around your business operations and hours, ensuring that you can get on with business as usual. And when your office is fresh and functional, your business and your people will be much happier!

The best way to approach office junk is to book in regular office junk removal. If you have a regular booking, once a month, or once a quarter, you’ll be able to tackle your commercial waste before it is permitted to build up. That makes the whole process quicker, easier, and even cheaper! At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re ready to help.

How can you deal with office junk sustainably?

Office junk material should always be reused or repurposed where possible… and it’s even possible to make money from this process! There is a very large market for secondhand furniture. In fact, the secondhand office furniture industry was valued at roughly $54 billion in 2021… a staggering amount.

Everything should be done to avoid recycling, including donating to a local charity of listing to give away on Gumtree.. Recycling should be the last resort, and landfill must not even be an option. Maintaining this attitude is the best way to make sure your office furniture is dealt with in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Looking for office junk removal in Sydney?

Need Sydney office junk removal? We’re the best in the business, and we’d love to help. Simply give us a call today for a quote!

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