World Cleanup Day is Just Around the Corner!

World Cleanup Day occurs on the 16th of September, just one week away!

This day encourages people from all over the world to unite in helping tackle the global waste crisis. World Cleanup Day involves events of all kinds, across 197 different countries. This includes beach cleanups, park cleanups, educational events and so much more.

Why is world cleanup day important?

World Cleanup Day spreads awareness about the need to be vigilant when dealing with waste. It promotes reuse, recycling, and above all else, cleaning up our public spaces, waterways, parks, and so much more. This kind of event helps to remind everyone around the world that we only have one Earth, and we need to look after it.

How can you get involved in world cleanup day?

You can get involved in World Cleanup Day by visiting their website, right here. Simply click on the button and register an event in your area. If there are already events nearby, you can join them via the same link.

Any day can be world cleanup day!

It doesn’t have to be World Cleanup Day to take action against waste. You can cleanup your local park, beach, or even your place of business on any day of the year! If you’re looking for rubbish removal for businesses or large amounts of waste, we’re here to help.

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