Why We Must Recycle Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a lightweight, buoyant and affordable material. It’s commonly used to make cups, containers, fill beanbags and insulate houses.

However, polystyrene now presents a huge problem in terms of pollution. Millions of tons of plastic have found its way into the ocean, much of it polystyrene.

This pollution is having a devastating effect on marine life, as well as humans. We simply must stop the pollution, however possible.

The best practice is to reduce our consumption. The next best thing – recycle it.

This is why.


Save the Environment 

Some research suggest that polystyrene makes up 60-80% of all marine pollution.

Moreover, scientists estimate that polystyrene takes between five hundred and one million years to decompose… one million years!

Whilst it may disappear gradually, this is because it is simply breaking into smaller pieces, and not actually degrading properly.

That presents even more of a problem to marine life, which ends up consuming plenty of this plastic micro pollution.

This kills many marine animals and plants, every single year.

Furthermore, the pollution that ends up inside these animals can end up being consumed by people when we eat anything that comes from the oceans and seas.


Reduce Costs

The affordability of polystyrene is one of the main reasons it’s such a popular material.

However, by recycling your polystyrene responsibly, you’ll be saving your business even more money in the future.

Recycling helps to lower the price of materials, and polystyrene is no exception.


Protect People

People often burn polystyrene, which produces horrible air pollution and reduces the quality of air.

Toxic chemicals from polystyrene can damage the respiratory system, and some studies have shown it can contribute to cancer in humans.

By recycling it responsibly, we can ensure that polystyrene isn’t contributing to pollution that harms people at home, or at work.

Moreover, when polystyrene is irresponsibly disposed of, it can end up in waterways and break into miniscule pieces. When this happens, people may consume it without knowing.


How is it Recycled?

To recycle your polystyrene, you need to either utilise a professional waste removal contractor, or invest in a polystyrene compactor machine.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we can collect your polystyrene, and ensure it is responsibly handled by a certified facility.


To discuss recycling your polystyrene, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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