Why Do You Need the Experts for Demolition Waste Removal in Sydney?

Conducting a demolition project in Sydney? You need expert demolition waste removal.

Every project that involves stripping out a building or demolishing an existing office interior or home interior will produce plenty of waste. In fact, you could argue that producing that waste is the entire point of the demolition project! But once this kind of waste and junk has built up, it’s essential that it is removed quickly and comprehensively.

Expert demolition waste removal in Sydney is incredibly valuable for any business that has just demolished its workplace. The same goes for homeowners who have recently started stripping out for their renovation. At Sydney City Rubbish, we are the experts when it comes to demolition waste.

Let’s take a closer look at this waste type, and how best to deal with it.

What is demolition waste?

Demolition waste is any kind of rubbish or junk produced by a demolition project. And in Sydney, there’s a huge volume of rubbish created by building sites and demolition projects every single day. This waste includes everything you might expect to be removed from a home or workplace, including but not limited to:

– Pipes
– Carpet
– Electrical components
– Furniture…

And much more!

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How much demolition waste do we produce?

Every year, the Australian construction and demolition industry produces approximately 27 million tonnes of waste. A huge portion of this consists of waste material that has been stripped out of homes, offices, stores, and more, all over the nation. While much of this waste is in fact recyclable or even reusable, millions of tonnes still end up in landfills every single year.

Many businesses are making concerted efforts to reduce the construction and demolition waste that they produce on-site. However, the rapid expansion of the industry here and the sheer number of projects make it incredibly hard to make widespread, meaningful change. This is where high-quality construction and demolition waste management and removal is critical.

Where does it come from?

Demolition waste comes from a multitude of projects. While demolition waste sounds like a pretty simple category of rubbish, it’s not actually as straightforward as it seems. Below are the majority of projects that produce demolition waste.

Commercial building sites

Large commercial sites, such as apartment complexes or office buildings, are large producers of construction waste. Demolition junk is part of this, particularly if the project is a large-scale renovation or refurbishment. However, demolition waste can also be present on entirely new structures, such as when plans are altered or mistakes are made. If this occurs, certain areas may need to be demolished and rebuilt.


Renovating a home, or demolishing a house to make way for a new build, always results in a large amount of demolition waste. Depending on the scale of the project and the rooms or areas that are being demolished, some of this waste, like bricks or joinery, might be salvaged for other projects. That leads to cost savings and less junk in the long run.

Strata complexes

Strata complexes often undergo renovations and reconstructive works. Before these can occur, demolition is often necessary. And that kind of action produces waste, which needs to be removed. Dealing with it yourself is a headache, which is why well-managed strata complexes work with a strata rubbish removal company on a regular basis.


If a business or organisation is gearing up for a fresh office fit out or shop fit out, they may well need to demolish the existing workplace. At Sydney City Rubbish, we actually offer expert strip out services on top of demolition waste removal. And we have worked with a wide range of businesses in Sydney, delivering quality strip outs.

What are the common demolition waste materials?

Demolition waste materials consist of many natural materials, as that is the nature of construction. The most common materials we remove include:

– Treated timber, such as pine
– Untreated timber, such as hardwoods
– Tiles
– Bricks
– Pipes
– Plumbing fixtures
– Electrical components and cables
– Carpet
– Concrete
– Glass.

There are plenty of other materials that we can remove. If you need your demolition waste gone, and the material doesn’t appear there, simply get in touch with us to find out if we will take it.

How do we remove demolition waste?

Every waste removal project is different. Many factors determine our process, such as the location of the demolition site, the type of waste that needs to be removed, the amount of waste, and the accessibility of the site. We’re equipped with the tools and the vehicles for any job, it’s simply a matter of assessing the site and the waste first.

Once we have identified the most efficient and safest access point, we will begin removing your waste. Our team of experts always operates swiftly and always pays attention to health and safety protocols on site. We also ensure that we’re not impacting any operations on your demolition or building project, and can work around your schedule.

We utilise large volume rubbish removal trucks that can carry plenty of demolition and strip out waste with ease. Once these trucks are full, we’ll remove your waste and take it to the related facility. During an operation, we will ensure that waste materials are separated from each other, based on the recycling process. That allows us to deliver a more environmentally-friendly demolition waste removal service in Sydney, every time.

What do we do with demolition waste?

At Sydney City Rubbish, we always prioritise a sustainable outcome for the waste that we remove. This includes demolition and construction waste. As we mentioned earlier, this type of waste is often highly-recyclable, which means that environmentally friendly outcomes are more achievable. We are able to take much of the waste we remove to processing facilities where it is repurposed.

Concrete and rubble can be turned into road base, while untreated timber can be processed as fuel for fire or mulch. These outcomes mean a more positive impact on the environment and an improved standing in the industry. That’s a better result for everyone.

Expert Sydney demolition waste removal today

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