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Getting rid of old white goods can be a hassle. Washing machines, dishwashers, and particularly fridges can be annoying to deal with. However, you can’t simply leave them sitting in your home or business premises. They’re taking up space, and you’ve probably already purchased a replacement.

You need to get rid of your old white goods, quickly and easily.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we offer reliable and affordable white goods collection services in Sydney. Our expert waste management team is always ready to remove your old appliances. On top of that, we’ll make sure that they are dealt with in a sustainable manner wherever possible, and comprehensively recycled.

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What are white goods?

White goods is the name given to large, electric household appliances. The name came about because traditionally, these appliances were only white in colour. These days, however, white goods come in a range of colours. Common white goods include:

– Fridges
– Washing machines
– Dishwashers
– Ovens and stoves
– Freezers
– Air conditioners
– Trash compactors
– Microwaves
– Hot water units.

Virtually all of these units, except for microwaves, are large and cumbersome. They’re very difficult to remove on your own, let alone transport to a recycling centre.

How do I get rid of white goods in Sydney?

The best way to get rid of white goods in Sydney is to hire an experienced and reliable rubbish removal company. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve been removing white goods from homes and businesses around Sydney for many years now. We know exactly how to handle large items, and dealing with tight spaces is our speciality.

If your appliances have finally reached the end of the road, or you are getting rid of them in favour of totally new appliances, we can help. Simply get in touch with us today and we can schedule a time to come. We’ll remove your white goods carefully, load up our truck, and take the items to a certified recycling facility.

Quality Sydney white goods collection is a great result for everyone!

Why is expert Sydney white goods collection important?

It’s important that you hire an expert team to remove your white goods, rather than trying to deal with it yourself. Working with the experts comes with a host of significant benefits.

It’s much safer

White goods can be heavy and cumbersome, posing a significant risk of injury to untrained individuals attempting removal. Professionals have the necessary equipment and experience to safely transport and dispose of these items, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Lessen your environmental impact

One of the more important reasons to hire rubbish removal experts is to lessen the environmental impact of disposing of white goods. These appliances often contain hazardous materials like refrigerants, oils, and electronic components that must be handled and disposed of properly. We will take your white goods to facilities where the materials are extracted and managed in an environmentally responsible manner, preventing potential harm to the ecosystem.

Declutter your home or business

Clutter can cause all sorts of problems at home and at work. If your old white goods are no longer working, it’s not enough to simply leave them sitting around. They’ll probably take up valuable space and fridges or ovens that are just taking up space do not look good at all. Expert white goods collection in Sydney will ensure that your house, office, or shop is clutter-free at all times. And we can take care of all of your other waste, too!

Save time and money

Hiring experts for Sydney white goods collection saves homeowners and building managers plenty of time and effort. You won’t need to figure out how to disconnect or dismantle the appliances, rent a truck, or struggle with heavy lifting. Instead, you can focus on other important tasks while we take care of the removal process with ease.

While hiring professionals may seem like an additional expense, it can save you money in the long run. Attempting DIY removal or relying on inexperienced help may lead to damage to your property or injuries, resulting in unforeseen costs. On top of that, hiring a vehicle that’s large enough, paying for fuel and tip fees, can all add up quickly. With Sydney City Rubbish, it’s one simple and affordable payment!

What happens to old white goods?

After a white goods collection in Sydney, these appliances are taken to a waste processing centre. There, they will be broken down and recycled.

A considerable portion of white goods can be recycled, reducing the amount that enters landfills and conserving valuable resources. The experts at these recycling centres can separate recyclable materials like metal, plastic, and glass, ensuring that as much of the appliance as possible is diverted from the waste stream and reused again.

In the long run, recycling white goods is a must.

What happens to an old fridge?

This is a query we get quite often. Your old fridge will be taken to a recycling centre and broken down, just like any other white goods. The materials will be separated into metals, plastics, electrical components, and any other elements. Each material will be processed separately and recycled with other components of the same material. Eventually, these bits and pieces will be used again in the manufacturing process… perhaps for another fridge, or something else!

Why choose Sydney City Rubbish?

At Sydney City Rubbish, we offer fast, convenient white goods collection in Sydney. We operate all over the city, providing reliable waste management on a regular basis for businesses and households. We’ll remove and load your waste, we’ll transport it, and we can even offer a same-day rubbish removal service. On the other hand, booking in a council pickup or skip bin hire for white goods is slow, inconvenient, and can put you at risk of injury.

Get in touch with us today.

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Frequently asked questions about white goods collection in Sydney

My washing machine is broken, can you take it?
Yes, of course! We can take all kinds of broken appliances, including washing machines. They will be broken down and recycled, just like any other white goods.

How do I get rid of an old fridge in Sydney?
To get rid of an old fridge in Sydney, give Sydney City Rubbish a call. We will book in a time to come, then arrive, load up your fridge, and take it to a recycling facility.

Do fridges need to be degassed?
No, your fridge does not need to be degassed before we take it. This degassing will occur at the waste centre, once we have dropped your fridge off.

Can I take a fridge to the local tip?
Yes, you can take your fridge to most local tips. It’s best to check online before removing and loading your heavy fridge though, as some tips may not be equipped to take fridges. Even easier, just give us a call!

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