What to do with… Carpet Waste?

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve performed countless strip outs, as well as collected waste from all kinds of constructions sites.


One of the most commonly occurring types of waste that we come across is carpet.


Too often, carpet is thrown straight into landfill. Unfortunately, this has a serious impact on the environment.


For instance, the huge amount of carpet which ends up in landfill takes up an enormous amount of space. In the USA, carpet makes up 3.5% of all landfill waste.


Whilst that may not sound like a lot, the biggest problem is this… most carpet is about 90% plastic.


It can take hundreds of years for these synthetic fibres to break down naturally, so carpet presents a significant problem in terms of plastic pollution.


Therefore, we all need to look for better ways to deal with carpet, and prevent further carpet waste ending up in landfill.


Recycle It


The good news is that carpet is recyclable.


A waste removal company can take your carpet waste away, and ensure it ends up at a carpet recycling facility.


By doing this, you’ll be committing to sustainable disposal of your carpet waste. That means your business is having less of an impact on the environment.


At a recycling facility, old carpet will be broken down into components that can be used in the manufacturing process of new carpet.


This ‘closes the loop’ in terms of carpet manufacture and recycling, meaning less plastic pollution in landfill.


Repurpose It


Carpet is a dynamic material.


Because of that, there are so many nifty ways to repurpose carpet. For instance, on a building site, it can be used to help move heavy objects, cushion knees when workers are working on the floor, and prevent spillage.


Furthermore, there are plenty of domestic uses for carpet too. Scraps of carpet can be adapted for anything from coasters to homemade scratching poles for cats.


If we think outside the box, there are so many ways we can repurpose this material, instead of sending it to landfill.


Sell It


Too often, carpet is disposed of whilst still in excellent condition.


This is not only a poor result for the environment, but it’s also a missed opportunity for many businesses.


There is a sizeable domestic market for second hand carpet, so if the condition is good enough, you should consider selling your carpet waste.


By doing this, you’re preventing plastic pollution, as well as likely making some extra money for your business.


Alternatively, instead of simply dumping carpet in landfill, contract a professional waste removal company like Sydney City Rubbish.


We will take your carpet at an affordable rate, and dispose of it responsibly.




To discuss the removal of your carpet waste, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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