What Makes Quality Construction Waste Removal in Sydney?

Construction and demolition waste is one of the most common forms of waste produced in Australia, every single year. Thanks to a booming construction industry in virtually every major city, we’re seeing new buildings popping up at a rate of notes. But these new projects come with all kinds of rubbish, and not all of it is recyclable.

Building waste comes with all sorts of problems. First of all is the enormous volume of waste that might be produced, such as rubble, soil, timber and much more. Then, there is significant health and safety risk attached to most forms of building rubbish. Last of all, is the time and equipment required to remove it.

This is why every construction company and tradie needs a reliable, quality construction waste removal company on call. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re experts in dealing with construction rubbish in Sydney. This is why we fully understand how to deliver the highest-quality rubbish removal services in town.


Experience is something that comes with time. It involves learning from a range of different scenarios and occasionally, mistakes. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve been working in construction waste removal for some time now. And in that time, we’ve collected an enormous amount of invaluable experience. That means that with every job, we get better.

Our expert rubbish removalists tackle every job with care. We’re sure to apply our previous learnings to each construction waste removal project. That means significant improvements in the speed at which we complete the job, along with health and safety measures. There’s no safer rubbish removal job than a Sydney City Rubbish job!

Not many demolition and building rubbish removal companies can boast the same kind of experience that we have. Unfortunately, that means that there are plenty of contractors out there providing a sub-par service. And that simply isn’t good enough. When it comes to quality rubbish removal, experience is a critical factor.


Our people aren’t just experienced. They’re also highly trained in rubbish removal practices. Training is really important when providing a quality service. A lack of training means a slower, less thorough and less efficient process. On the other hand, in-depth and continuous training makes for a much more effective construction waste removal service.

Trained workers have a much better understanding of what constitutes waste. That means they know what to take, and they know where to take it. We’ve heard many horror stories of rubbish removalists taking brand new materials, or materials that were still required for re-use. That affects the construction company’s process and can have financial penalties.

Scenarios like this are exactly why we ensure our workers are highly trained. They’ll be able to focus on removing the right waste in the right manner. Then, we’ll ensure that your junk is dealt with as sustainably as possible. In the end, that means a more positive impact on the environment for your company and your project.

Our training always includes a thorough health and safety component. We’ll discuss that further in the next paragraph.

Health and safety

Dealing with any kind of waste comes with health and safety risks. Removing construction waste from a building or demolition site means there is even more risk present. As we all know, building sites can be dangerous places. When it comes to removing waste from a site, our workers always take the utmost care.

The most common injuries and accidents that occur include:

– Trip and fall injuries, particularly common where holes and loose materials or tools may well be present.
– Slip and fall injuries, where puddles and chemicals may provide a hazard.
– Back strain and muscle injury caused by heavy lifting of waste items.
– Laceration from sharp items like metal, broken tiles, plastic, nails and screws.
– Electrocution, which is a significant risk on any construction site where live wires and electrical equipment is in use.

Eliminating these risks on site is very important. However, some hazards cannot be entirely eliminated. This is where our training and attention to detail makes life safer… and stress free.

Our workers are all equipped with top-quality, new personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment ensures that they are protected at all times, while completing a building waste removal project. Most commonly, PPE refers to boots, gloves, clothing, helmets, eye protection, ear protection and more.


Quality construction waste removal isn’t just about taking the waste off-site. It’s also about where the waste goes once it’s been removed. At Sydney City Rubbish, we always prioritise sustainable rubbish removal. That’s why we ensure that everything that can be recycled, is recycled by a proper facility.

We often work with building companies to organise the re-use of certain materials also. We see a huge amount of resources wasted, simply thrown away. However, much of this can be reused or at worst, recycled. Many companies sell their excess or secondhand materials, and we can help you establish a system for this.

Ongoing relationships

Every good construction company needs a great rubbish removal company to work with. At Sydney City Rubbish, we love our ongoing relationships with construction companies all over Sydney. If you’re looking for a waste management partner, simply get in touch with us today.

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