What is a Sydney Office Defit?

Also known as an office strip-out, an office defit essentially involves removing most of your existing office fit-out from the commercial space. This work is a form of demolition, requiring certain tools and equipment to get the job done. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re experts in Sydney office defits, having completed countless defit jobs across the city.

Most defit projects vary, with different scope of works, but there is a wide range of elements that we find ourselves removing on most of these jobs. Primarily, that includes original fixtures and finishes, along with furniture and other standard office equipment.

What do we remove during an office defit?

We remove a huge range of fixtures, finishes, equipment and other items during an office defit in Sydney. Some of these items include:

– Floor finishes (carpet, timber, tiles, vinyl)
– Wall finishes (
– Suspended ceilings and ceiling finishes
– Partitions
– In-built furniture and workstations
– Air conditioning and heating units
– Plumbing, piping
– Electrical fixtures and fittings
– Temporary structures
– Demolition rubbish removal
– Office fit-out rubbish removal.

This is not a comprehensive list of what we remove, but simply the basics. We can remove all facets of your existing office fit-out, ensuring you’re ready to refurbish or simply fulfilling your makegood clause.

What should you look for when hiring a company for your Sydney office defit?

There are many office defit and strip-out companies in Sydney, each offering their own services. Therefore, when you need to hire a contractor for a defit project, it can be tough to decide on which company to hire. However, there are a number of key indicators that you can look out for when comparing companies, which can help ensure you make the right decision.


Price is an important factor in picking the right office defit company in Sydney. You shouldn’t be paying through the nose for an office defit… but at the same time, you don’t want to simply go for the cheapest option. That might cost you more in the long run. Therefore, assess prices between available companies and ensure that you are getting value for money by taking a closer look at what each contractor has to offer.

Health and safety

Health and safety is absolutely critical. You shouldn’t be worrying about your contractor and whether or not an accident may occur on-site. Therefore, take a look at the contractors website and you should be able to gauge their commitment to safe practices on site. If you’re still unsure, simply ask when speaking to them for the first time.


Reviews are an excellent way to analyse a contractor’s past performance. If they have positive reviews, particularly with written feedback, they’re probably reliable. On the other hand, if there are some unsavoury reviews, avoid the company at all costs.


How long have they been in the industry for? You should be able to garner this information from their website, or again, simply ask. A company that has been in business for some years will have the right experience and expertise, and has clearly had success in the industry.

How much does an office defit cost?

There’s no single answer to this question, simply because every single Sydney office defit is different! Therefore, it’s important to ensure an open line of communication with your contractor, while providing a thorough breakdown of all the works required so that you receive an accurate quote. Once you’ve sourced a few different quotes, you’ll be able to get an understanding of the expected cost and budget.

Makegood obligation

Many businesses must complete an office defit because their commercial lease agreement stipulates that they must do so. This involves returning the office to its original condition and is known as the makegood obligation. At Sydney City Rubbish, we know all about makegoods.

We’ve worked with our sister company, Makegoods, on countless projects, always delivering an exceptional result for the client. We fully understand how important it is to work closely with your landlord to ensure that the end result is a happy one for all parties involved. Therefore, we can remove everything swiftly, safely and efficiently from your existing workplace.

This gives you the best chance of coming out of your makegood obligation with a positive result.

Preparing for a refurbishment or fresh office fit-out?

If you’re about to start a new office refurbishment or fresh Sydney office fit-out, you’ll likely require a professional defit. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today for an obligation free quote. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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