Waste Separation: Office Strip Out

Sydney City Rubbish are well versed in the process of stripping out an office.


Therefore, we fully understand and promote the separation of waste whilst stripping out a commercial space.


Separating rubbish makes it much easier to recycle and reuse certain types of waste, when possible. Furthermore, it saves time, and can ultimately result in a financial gain for your business.


There are plenty of types of waste produced when stripping out an office.


Therefore, it’s best to employ a professional strip out company to handle the removal, separation and disposal of this office rubbish.




Cabinets and storage units should ideally be removed in one piece.


This makes it far more simple to either reuse the joinery, or sell it to another organisation. Alternatively, it can be broken down and recycled.


By doing this, you’re practicing sustainability, and ensuring that this waste doesn’t simply end up in landfill.




Your office kitchen or coffee station will have all sorts of fixtures. Taps, sinks other fixtures should be put to one side.


These items, mostly made of brass and aluminium, are recyclable. Often, waste recycling facilities will offer money for metals, so it’s definitely worth separating these items.


Alternatively, a waste removal company can take these items and ensure they are disposed of responsibly.




There is plenty of aluminium present in window and door frames, as well as workstations.


Sydney City Rubbish will remove this aluminium, separate it and ensure it is recycled responsibly at a recycling facility.


This is a far better alternative to aluminium simply ending up in landfill, where it will take between 200 to 500 years to break down!





Steel will be another by-product of an office strip out.


For instance, there is steel present in many workstations, wall framing and ceilings. When stripping out, this steel needs to be separated.


Like aluminium, it should be recycled through the correct avenues. Steel should not end up in landfill, as it will be to the detriment of the environment.




Sydney City Rubbish are committed to recycling plaster.


We utilise responsible plaster recycling facilities such as Regyp Sydney, thereby reducing your waste costs and ensuring we’re practising eco-friendly waste disposal.


This removes the chance of plaster pollutants affecting the environment, as can happen when plaster is simply dumped in landfill.


Floor Finishes


The floor finishes in your office can vary greatly.


They may include carpet, hardwood, laminate or tiles. However, it’s imperative that your floor finishes are also separated during a strip out.


Materials like carpet or wood can be recycled or even reused, depending on the condition of the material.



So, in conclusion, whilst it takes a little more time and effort, separating your waste when stripping out your office has excellent benefits for your business, and the environment.


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