Waste Removal Trucks: More Affordable Than Skip Bins

At Sydney City Rubbish, we offer a broad range of efficient and affordable waste removal options. We cater for offices, construction sites and other producers of waste.


There are many benefits to waste removal trucks, and a number of reasons as to why they are a more affordable and dynamic option than skip bins.


In fact, our waste removal trucks can be up to 20% cheaper than skip hire! That’s a great saving for your business, and means more money in your pocket.


Here are some more reasons why waste removal trucks are a better option for your business.


Great for Most Waste


First of all, our waste removal trucks are great for virtually every kind of standard waste that a skip bin can hold.


For example, bulky office waste, large amounts of green waste or even construction waste (excluding soil, brick).


This means that by using our trucks, you’re not making a sacrifice on what can and cannot be removed.




Our waste removal trucks are much more mobile than skip bins.


For example, we can move them about, which is a bonus if your waste is spread around a construction site, or various commercial locations.


On the other hand, skip bins are static. That means that your workers need to carry waste from one point to the skip.


That means more work, and potentially a higher health and safety risk, when your workers are repeatedly lifting and carrying heavy items.


We Load Them


Another excellent benefit of our waste removal trucks is that we can actually load them up for you, saving time and effort.


In fact, with every waste removal truck hire, we provide one labourer for an hour of rubbish removal.




Using a waste removal truck is a much quicker way to remove rubbish.


Instead of dropping off a skip and leaving it for your workers to fill up over time, our waste trucks are will pick everything up at once, and take it away immediately.


Fit in Tight Spaces


Our waste removal trucks are great for tight spaces.


For instance, skip bin trucks are a whole 1.2 metres taller than our waste removal trucks. That makes them a great option for a variety of spaces.


To schedule a waste pick up for your business, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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