Top Tips on Decluttering Your Sydney Office

Every office is going to experience a build-up of rubbish and office junk at some point. Items accumulate and often, people are just too busy to focus on getting rid of these items by decluttering the office. However, it’s essential you remove this waste regularly, for a number of different reasons.

Why should you declutter your Sydney office?

If you choose to ignore clutter in your office, you could be putting your employees at risk. Items that block up your corridors, are stashed under desks or are flowing out of bins are going to present a trip and fall risk to your people. If they do fall over waste items, they may be injured, which simply isn’t acceptable. You must provide a safe workplace for your people, and that means decluttering your office regularly.

Piles of office junk will also put your people off their work. They create a visual eyesore and are therefore distracting, having a direct impact on productivity and efficiency. What’s more, they can physically impede your people, by blocking off working areas and even just making it a little longer to move around the office. All of this adds up, and your people can become frustrated.

In short, it’s absolutely imperative that you declutter your Sydney office regularly.

Top decluttering tips

At Sydney City Rubbish, we remove office junk in Sydney almost every day. Through years of experience, we’ve perfected our processes and as a result, we have some handy tips to pass onto you, to make life easier. Here are our top tips on decluttering your Sydney office.

Remove small items first

It’s always a good idea to start with the small bits and pieces. Removing these first can clear up a surprising amount of space. What’s more, once smaller items are gone, you’ll have better visibility of the larger pieces and therefore, be able to create a plan of attack for removing those. These smaller items might include items like boxes, small electronic waste items and old files, that are easily moved by one person.

Adequate storage

You won’t have clutter if you already have adequate storage in the workplace. When you’re completing your office fit-out, storage should be one of your prime considerations. A savvy Sydney office design company can help you optimise the storage space in your workplace so that instead of creating more clutter, you can comfortably store a range of items.

Document waste

Keeping track of your waste is a good way to avoid a buildup of clutter in your workplace. The best way to do this is to tag and record items like old computers and bits of e-waste that aren’t being used anymore. If you can keep track of what items are cluttering your office space, it’s easier to make a plan on how to deal with them. For example, if your records show that you have twenty old computers lying around in your office, you know it’s time for an e-waste removal service.

Train your employees

Dealing with waste is a regular part of working in an office. Even if you’re mostly paperless, bits and pieces of rubbish do appear here and there. And if they aren’t simply paper to be recycled or scraps for your rubbish bin, your people may be unsure exactly how to deal with them. And that is where clutter can begin.

Educating your people on why it’s important to remove clutter quickly is a great first step. From there, you can rely on your employees to put waste where it’s meant to go, instead of storing it somewhere inconvenient, for a fast solution. That will help reduce clutter in your office, enormously.

Expert rubbish removal Sydney

If you need to remove the waste in your Sydney office, call the experts. Sydney City Rubbish is the best in the business when it comes to removing clutter from offices. Our experienced waste management team will take all of the office junk from your place, safely and swiftly. From there, we’ll ensure it’s disposed of in the most sustainable way possible.

When you’re able to leave the office decluttering to Sydney experts, you can get on with the work at hand. What’s more, we can do it faster, and ensure that your people aren’t at risk of injury. That means a more productive, happier, and stress-free workplace.

Don’t forget to clean

Once you have decluttered your office, there’ll probably be plenty of dust and lint left over. This is where quality office cleaning in Sydney is imperative. This dust and dirt can be a hazard for your people, particularly if they are in close proximity. Countless studies have shown that inhaling dust can cause long-term damage to the respiratory system, so it must be cleaned up quickly.

Professional Sydney office cleaning is a must once you’ve decluttered your workplace. An expert commercial cleaning service will leave your office looking a million bucks. What’s more, it’ll help keep your people safe, productive, and happy.

Need help decluttering your office?

If you need Sydney office junk removal, look no further than Sydney City Rubbish. We’re the best in the business, and we always deliver exceptional service. Our experts will make short work of your clutter, leaving your office free from junk! Get in touch with us today for an office junk removal service. We can’t wait to help you.

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