Tips to Save Waste on Your Construction Site

Every year, the construction industry produces gargantuan amounts of waste.


In fact, in Australia, building and demolition is responsible for approximately 20 million tons of waste, annually.


This is an enormous amount of waste, and we all need to do our best to contribute to reducing it.


Therefore, here are some waste saving tips that a builder of any size can use on their site.


Segregate Waste


Utilise piles for each type of waste.


Even better, hire skip bags from Sydney City Rubbish. These offer versatility, as they are easily moved and can carry all sorts of refuse.


When you segregate waste, such as wood, brick, concrete, rubble, plastic and metal, you’re making it far easier to reuse or recycle these materials.


And when these materials don’t end up in landfill, it’s an excellent result for the environment, as well as your business.


It means you’re being more sustainable, and will actually save more money.


Reuse Materials


When you’re able to reuse materials, you’re automatically saving waste.


Millions of tons of useable construction materials are thrown away every year, to great detriment to the environment.


It also costs the construction industry millions of dollars, every year.


This waste often includes wood, brick and metal, as well as plenty of brand new materials that become surplus, such as tiles and concrete.


By storing and reusing these on a later project, or even selling them to smaller builders, you’re inevitably reducing your impact on the environment.


It’s also a great saving, which benefits the bottom line of your business.


Know Your Quantities


It’s so important to get your quantities right when ordering materials for a job.


If you do, you’ll be having a great impact on the amount of waste that your business is producing on the project.


That means a more sustainable approach, not to mention an eventual saving on waste removal costs.


Furthermore, you’ll be spending less overall on materials, which means money in your pocket.



To discuss the removal of your construction waste, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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