This is Why You Shouldn’t Let Sydney Office Junk Accumulate

Every business will deal with office junk at some point. But it’s what you do with this junk that matters. Allowing it to simply accumulate will have a notable impact on your business and your people. Read on to find out why.

It takes up valuable space

Every square inch of office space is valuable. You know that better than most. Therefore, if you’re not utilising your space, and simply wasting it on, say, office junk, it’s literally costing your business. This is just one reason as to why you shouldn’t let your commercial waste build up in your office.

Getting rid of your office junk on a regular basis so that it doesn’t build up, means you’ll have more free space in your office for productive use. That might be fitting in additional workstations, additional printers, making use of your breakout room, or something completely different. The bottom line is that if you’re using valuable space to store office junk, you’re losing out.

It can be a health and safety hazard

Every single office generates some sort of waste… we get it. But when items pile up in breakout rooms, corridors or printing areas, they can actually become dangerous. Oftentimes, businesses are just too busy to handle their large waste items like chairs, additional workstations, old electronics and much more. Consequently, it’s stacked in areas close to employees, and that’s incredibly risky.

The top three most common injuries that occur in offices are:

– Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
– Back pain from poor posture
– Trip, slip and fall injuries.

Leaving old office furniture and other kinds of junk close to employees is asking for trouble. This enormously increases the risk of them tripping and falling over stray items, and subsequently hurting themselves. As a manager or business owner, that’s something that must be avoided at all costs. Your people deserve a safe working environment at all times.

This is probably the most important reason as to why you shouldn’t let Sydney office junk accumulate in your office. Once you’ve accumulated office junk, ensure it’s stored in a safe place, well away from your people. Then, hire a Sydney rubbish removal company to collect your waste and deal with it safely.

Junk looks bad

If you entertain visitors in your office, you should be concerned about the appearance of junk. Stacks of large recyclables, old filing cabinets and furniture are going to become eyesores in your office, which isn’t advisable if you host visitors on a regular basis. Clients, customers and stakeholders will inevitably be put off by office junk, even if they don’t notice it at first!

Your employees also deserve better than having to lay their eyes on piles of junk on a daily basis. It’s not a good look, and it will end up affecting how they feel about their workplace. Removing this waste on a regular basis, and having it properly stored in the meantime, will mean your people don’t have to spend all day looking at it.

And don’t forget about the importance of attracting fresh, top-tier talent to your business. Office junk can impact your ability to do so. If a candidate comes in for an interview and a walk around the workplace, piles of office junk might be the difference between getting them into your company, or them walking out the door!

It can affect your employees’ productivity

Research shows that a cluttered office can have a sizeable impact on on the productivity of your employees. And as a manager, you should be taking every step to create a working environment that is conducive to more productive, happier and healthier workers. That’s because, in the end, your business will benefit.

The first step to minimising impact on your employees’ productivity is to have a waste management/storage area that is away from the gaze of your people. That might be a section of your printing and scanning room, a storage room in itself or ideally, an area in the garage of your office building. The last one is ideal because it is far from the eyes of your people, and won’t impact their ability to do their work productively.

Once you’ve ensured that your workers aren’t simply staring at waste all day, you can then organise regular rubbish removal. That will involve an experienced company removing your office junk on a regular basis… often, businesses do this monthly or quarterly, but it does depend on how much waste you produce.

Following that process will ensure that your errant office junk isn’t affecting your people and your business.

You might be losing out financially

Some office junk isn’t destined to be recycled at all. Instead, there may well be many items that can be on-sold to another business looking for secondhand chairs, desks, and computers that are still in very good condition. The market for secondhand office furniture is large, and if your pieces are in good condition, you won’t struggle to find a buyer.

Professional Sydney office junk removal

Here at Sydney City Rubbish, we love what we do, and we’re good at it! In fact, we reckon we’re the best in the business at dealing with Sydney office junk. If you need your office decluttered, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to help!

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