This is Why You Should Hire Sydney City Rubbish to Remove Your Archiving Boxes and Paper Files

Most Sydney office-based businesses experience a buildup of archiving boxes, old files and other documents.

Unfortunately, they take up valuable space and can cause all kinds of headaches. Therefore, the best way to deal with these old files is to hire a professional Sydney rubbish removal company to remove them.

Here’s why.

Health and Safety

If you’ve read our articles in the past, you’ll know how important health and safety is to us at Sydney City Rubbish.

When it comes to removing archiving boxes and old files, you really need to consider the ramifications of lifting heavy items incorrectly.

If you’re not using safe practices, there is a real risk of injury. Back injuries are most common with heavy lifting, but trip and fall, as well as impact injuries are also a risk.

Therefore, hiring the professionals entirely eliminates any risk to you or your staff when removing archiving boxes and paper files.

Our highly trained Sydney rubbish removal workers always lift heavy items with the correct technique, minimising the risk of any injury.

That’s important on every rubbish removal job or waste management project.

We Keep Your Information Secure

The most important consideration when dealing with archiving and old files is the fact that it often involves sensitive information.

Therefore, at Sydney City Rubbish, we always take the utmost care when removing your files, ensuring everything is secure and nothing is left behind.

Once we do remove your archiving, we’ll ensure these files are securely shredded and destroyed. That means your information is protected, at all times.

Unfortunately, some Sydney Rubbish Removal companies do not take it as seriously as we do and put your information at risk.

That is simply unacceptable.

Sustainable Results

Once your archiving and files are shredded, we ensure that the paper and cardboard is responsibly recycled. That’s a much more sustainable result!

If shredded paper and cardboard is dumped into landfill, there are a variety of problems that will pop up.

First of all, this takes up valuable space in landfill that is required for other types of waste that aren’t recyclable.

Moreover, if paper isn’t recycled properly, we’re losing the benefits of reusing materials that we don’t need to source from trees.

That’s a big win for both the environment, as well as those manufacturing and purchasing paper in the future.

To discuss Sydney rubbish removal for archiving boxes and old files, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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