This is Why You Need a Rubbish Removal Company to Remove Your Sydney Garden Waste

Dealing with garden waste and green waste in Sydney is simply part of having a backyard or garden. Leaves, clippings, branches, and plenty of other material accumulate throughout the year, especially when you make a concerted effort with the mower and hedge trimmers! It’s a satisfying feeling, to see your garden revitalised and ready to impress. However, you also need to think about what happens to your garden waste.

What is Sydney green waste?

First of all, we need to take a look at what constitutes Sydney green waste, or garden waste. This term refers to waste materials that are organic. That includes, but isn’t limited to:

• Leaves and branches
• Grass clippings
• Wood (untreated)
• Weeds
• Shrubs
• Some soils.

Some clients end up with other materials as part of their garden waste. That might be because they’ve taken down an old shed, have some old scrap metal lying about, or even treated wood. Depending on the waste types, your Sydney rubbish removal contractor can probably remove that and dispose of it for you.

Why should you remove your green waste?

But why exactly do you need to remove your garden waste quickly?

Keep pests away

If you leave piles of clippings, branches, shrubs, and leaves sitting in your backyard for weeks or even months, you’re asking for trouble. Piles of green waste are a very attractive proposition for rodents and pests, especially as the matter begins to decompose. It goes without saying that these visitors aren’t welcome.

Rodents and pests like cockroaches carry all sorts of bacteria and therefore, represent a health risk to you, your family, and your employees (if you’re a small business). To avoid the risk of sickness spreading through your home or business premises, ensure that you’re removing your garden waste as soon as possible.

Reduce fire hazard

In the warmer months, piles of garden waste present a significant risk in terms of fire safety. When branches, leaves and other green waste dries out, it can go up at a moment’s notice. A stray cigarette butt or ember is all it takes. In fact, a number of house fires and bushfires have started because of a build-up of green waste that was not removed.

If you have large amounts of garden waste that need removing, you should hire a professional Sydney rubbish removal company. At Sydney City Rubbish, we can utilise our trucks and other necessary equipment to quickly and safely shift large amounts of waste. Then, we’ll take your garden waste to a certified facility where it is recycled.

Why hire a professional rubbish removal company?

There are a few reasons why you should hire a professional Sydney rubbish removal company to handle your garden waste, on top of not having to do the job yourself!

Health and safety

Every rubbish removal project must prioritise health and safety at every turn. We’ve been in this business for years and understand firsthand, the need for watertight health and safety practices. On a garden waste removal job, the possibility of accident and injury is always present.

Common injuries can include, but are not limited to:

• Lacerations from sharp trimmings and thorns
• Trip and fall hazards, from items like branches
• Bites and stings from insects and animals.

We ensure that you are free from risk, by handling the project ourselves. And we always conduct our projects with the right equipment and clothing, to ensure a safe environment at all times.


Did you know that it can actually be cheaper to hire a Sydney rubbish removal company to handle your waste? That’s because we know exactly where to take the waste, and how to dispose of it in an affordable and sustainable fashion.

Tip fees and recycling facility fees can be a little eye-watering, particularly if you don’t exactly know where to go. On top of that, unprofessional rubbish removal outfits may well take advantage, charging ridiculous costs. But a truly professional Sydney rubbish removal company like Sydney City Rubbish will ensure you’re getting the best prices available.


We move quickly because we’ve done this many times before. Our rubbish removal professionals are experienced and know how to get the job done swiftly and safely, which results in a better result for you and your business (or home!). Some companies may cut corners to speed up the process… but that often just results in a poor quality job and a compromise to health and safety. That’s simply not good enough.

Tips for the home and the business

If you produce plenty of garden waste and other organic matter, there are a few things you can do to save money and have a more positive environmental impact. One of the easiest and most effective steps to take is to begin composting.

Composting facts

Did you know that composting can save you money? This is especially the case if you are a big business and produce plenty of green waste, including garden waste and food scraps. In fact, in 2011, one business in Seattle saved $91,000 by diverting its organic waste to compost instead of landfill!

It’s a simple and very affordable process to set up a composting system at home or at your business, provided you have the space readily available. Simply purchase a composting bin (you may need two, for rotations) and begin composting! It’s necessary to ensure that the bin is well sealed, to keep rodents and pests out.

If you’re a business owner, why not let your younger crew look after the composting process? A study conducted by Statista in 2017 showed that younger people in America are much more likely to compost their food waste, meaning they’ll be the perfect ones to lead your composting charge.

The benefits of doing so for the environment are outstanding. For example, dumping your organic waste in a compost heap can reduce the amount of organic waste that ends up in landfills by about 30%. What’s more, composting your own green waste will have a big impact on reducing methane emissions.

Hire a professional Sydney rubbish removal company for your garden waste

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re ready to remove your Sydney garden waste. Simply get in touch with us today for a free quote. We’re happy to help!

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