This is Why We Must Recycle Our Old Computers

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There are currently more than 2.7 billion computers in the world. And every year, we’re building millions more.

Once these computers reach the end of their useful lives, they need to be recycled. However, most items of e-waste are not recycled, but simply dumped in landfills. There, they are left for years to break apart, often causing pollution.

It’s estimated that the volume of e-waste generated globally will exceed 74 million tons (Mt) by 2030. That’s an enormous amount of waste, and it’s critical that we are doing the right thing with these old computers, phones, tablets, appliances and more.

E-waste has a sizeable impact on human health when it’s not disposed of properly, thanks to the chemicals and heavy metals present in computers. These items are also responsible for polluting waterways and habitats, which is why E-waste recycling for environmental sustainability is absolutely critical.

Here are all of the reasons as to why we need to be recycling our e-waste in Sydney.

Prevent toxic waste and pollution

Electronic waste is responsible for pollution all over the world. We’re getting better at preventing this pollution, but when computers were first mass produced, old models were simply dumped in unsecure landfills. From there, heavy metals and chemicals leaked out of these computers and appliances, and into soil and waterways. They caused (and continue to cause) problems for wildlife, plantlife and even people living nearby.

Responsibly removing and recycling e-waste prevents this pollution from happening, as it keeps potentially dangerous materials out of the eco-system. This is exactly why every single business has a responsibility to ensure that their e-waste is removed by a professional Sydney rubbish removal company like Sydney City Rubbish.

We always operate sustainably, meaning your office junk, e-waste and other items are not harming the environment.

Reduce the need for more virgin materials

Only 17.4% of e-waste was recycled in 2019, according to Statista. That means that the rest of these computers, phones, tablets and other items were simply dumped in landfills, or worse. Therefore, the precious metals used to make these computers functional are simply lost.

Virgin materials are those that are taken directly from the Earth to create brand new products. With e-waste, those materials usually include:

– Oil
– Iron
– Gold
– Palladium
– Platinum
– Copper
– Lead.

Recycling computers allows us to extract and reuse these materials in the manufacturing process, with minimal loss, financial savings and a better result for the environment.

Secure data disposal

Computers contain plenty of information. For businesses, that information is often rather sensitive and therefore, there is some risk in disposing of e-waste. These computers should of course, be completely wiped before disposal, but secure data disposal will also deliver peace of mind.

Secure data disposal involves handing off your computers and other e-waste to a professional contractor. These qualified IT professionals will ensure that your data is completely removed before e-waste is placed into the recycling system, or sold onto other businesses.

Reuse is possible

It is very possible to sell your old computers, once data has been securely removed and the computers themselves refurbished by IT professionals. In fact, many businesses operate for the sole purpose of refurbishing computers from commercial businesses and selling them secondnad to the public, or other businesses.

Reuse is the best outcome possible for all. It prevents any kind of waste, allows you to recoup some money from your old computers, and allows other businesses or individuals to purchase a significantly discounted computer, that’s in great condition! It also saves the environment, by eliminating the need for additional materials throughout the manufacturing process.

This is why reuse must always be the first target.

Close the loop

It’s important to do everything possible to close the loop, and reach a point where we are recycling 100% of e-waste materials, putting them back into the manufacturing process. This can only happen though, if businesses and waste management companies work together to ensure that all computers, tablets, phones, appliances and more, are collected and taken to a certified recycling facility.

There, the e-waste will be carefully taken apart and each material will be salvaged. That means pulling out computer components bit by bit, including motherboards, chips, wiring and much more. When e-waste is dismantled in this fashion, the materials will stay in good condition, meaning it’s easier to reuse these components in the future.

If 100% of materials are successfully removed and recycled, then the loop is being closed, for no virgin resources will be required for manufacture.

Professional Sydney rubbish removal

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve helped many businesses remove and dispose of large volumes of e-waste. Put simply, we’re the experts in removing this waste and ensuring that it arrives at the appropriate recycling facility. There, the computers, phones, appliances and much more, can be broken down into their reusable parts.

If your business needs Sydney e-waste removal, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish today. We’re ready to help.

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