This is What You Need to Consider When Using a Sydney Bin Hire Company

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Do you have a large pile of waste to dispose of, and want to hire a bin? Well, depending on the type of waste, you’ve made a good choice. But there are quite a few things you should consider before choosing a bin hire company.

What kind of waste do you have?

What kind of Sydney rubbish are you getting rid of? This is an important question to ask yourself because the answer will dictate which kind of bin is best for you and your rubbish removal operation. Some bins are much better suited to different types of waste. For example, different bins will work better for garden waste, as opposed to office junk.

There are plenty of kinds of rubbish that you can throw in a bin, for safe and speedy removal. Those waste types include, but aren’t limited to:

– Garden waste and green waste, such as clippings, soil, and tree branches.
– Office junk such as chairs, desks and storage units.
– Large recyclables such as plastics, cardboard and large volumes of paper.
– Construction materials like timber offcuts, tiles, plaster, brick and much more.

Certain materials will require a bin to be more durable. For example, a bin which carries construction waste must be tougher than one for recyclables. You simply must take this into consideration when ordering a skip bin, large plastic wheeled bin or bulk waste bags.

How big does the bin need to be?

Bins come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s essential to select the right one. If you order a bin that is too small, whether that’s a skip bin, wheeled bin or something else, you may not be able to fit all of your waste into it. On the other hand, if the bin is too big, it may not fit in your space and you’ll be paying more than necessary.

Calculating the space required can be a tough task. To do it right, you should have think about how much rubbish you have and roughly calculate the space it may well take up. Bins are usually calculated in cubic metres, with length x width x height. If you need a little more help, call your Sydney rubbish removal company to discuss the bin that might be suitable for you.

Where’s the waste going?

Once the rubbish has been piled into the bin (by you or your rubbish removal contractor), you’ll probably forget all about it. But another important question to ask is, where is the waste going? And what kind of impact is my rubbish going to have on the environment?

There’s more of a focus on eco-friendly waste management than ever before… but despite that, there are many companies around the world and in Sydney, who do not practice sustainable rubbish removal. That means that they will take your waste, but what they do with it isn’t at all positive for the environment. For example, all of that waste will be dumped into landfills, even when most or all of it can be recycled.

Some companies and individuals claiming to be professionals even dump waste in public places like parks, carparks and so forth. That’s clearly highly illegal and will inevitably impact the environment, when bits and pieces of rubbish find their way into drains, waterways and the ecosystem.

Therefore, it’s so important to work with a bin hire company that values the environment and practices sustainable rubbish removal. At Sydney City Rubbish, we always ensure that our methods are having a positive impact on the environment. That means recycling what can be recycled, and ensuring that difficult waste types end up in landfills.

That means peace of mind for our clients, and a happier environment.

Do you require rubbish removal professionals along with the bin?

Will you be loading your waste into the bin yourself, or do you need labour to do this for you? Labour can be included by most companies, but this will cost a little more. Obviously, if you’re removing small items from your home and you are physically capable, rubbish removal workers probably aren’t necessary.

However, for businesses with large amounts of waste (and possibly building sites, also), rubbish removal labourers will be necessary. Let’s face it… you’re probably not going to be carrying hundreds of desk chairs and workstations up and down from the office to the bins! Let the professionals handle it, and spend your time and energy on more important tasks.

What’s it going to cost you?

It’s essential to understand the pricing around your bin hire so that you don’t cop any nasty surprises down the track. Companies will have different pricing structures and will likely offer a range of different bins. This is where it’s important to compare prices and if necessary, talk to your Sydney rubbish removal company about options.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we understand that waste management can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Poor quoting, overcharging and overordering on bins are all common issues, but we’ll work closely with you so that the process is transparent and easy to understand. That will result in you getting the best financial outcome possible.

Who’s available?

There are many rubbish removal companies in Sydney that provide a range of bin hire services. However, none of them do it as well as Sydney City Rubbish! We offer many types of waste removal services and receptacles, meaning we have something for everyone and every different business.

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