This is How to Prepare for a Sydney Council Rubbish Pickup

Are you getting ready for a Sydney council rubbish pickup? If you are, there are a few important things to keep in mind when preparing your waste.

Free rubbish pickup by the council is a great initiative, that we’re lucky enough to be able to access across Sydney and the rest of Australia. This service saves residents from having to lug large waste items to the tip or a recycling facility. It also makes sure that the waste items are properly recycled, for a more environmentally-friendly result.

In the City of Sydney, residents are actually entitled to one bulky waste pickup, every single week! For many other municipalities, that might only be available once a month, once each quarter or even once every six months.

If you have a Sydney council rubbish pickup approaching, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Understand the guidelines

You can’t simply throw any old bits of junk out onto your nature strip and expect the council waste management teams to carry it away. There are guidelines on what you can and cannot put out for collection, and it’s really important to understand these guidelines. If you put incorrect items out, they probably won’t be taken. But if hazardous or incorrect items are accidentally removed, they may end up damaging the environment, or you could even be fined.

What can they take?

Most of the waste that is removed in these council pickups consists of household items like furniture, beds, and appliances. This list details many of the items you can take:

– Furniture, such as cupboards, tables, and desks.
– Electronic waste like computers, tablets, phones, microwaves.
– Carpets and rugs.
– Luggage and suitcases.
– Boxes, kitchen utensils, some clothing.
– Garden waste that is bundled.
– Hot water systems.

You will be able to find a full list of what your local government will take on its website. Simply Google the name of your council, with the words hard waste, or council rubbish pickup.

What can’t they take?

A council rubbish pickup typically won’t take certain items. These usually include:

– Hazardous waste, like chemicals and asbestos.
– Waste from demolition and building sites, like rubble, brick, timber and similar items.
– Car bodies and engine blocks.
– Large pieces of garden waste, like thick trunks.
– Garden waste that isn’t bundled up.
– Waste that should be placed in your rubbish bins.
– Food waste.

If you have bits and pieces that the council can’t take, it’s best to explore your options. It may be best to take the waste to a recycling centre yourself. Otherwise, hiring an expert Sydney rubbish removal company is the way to go. At Sydney City Rubbish, we can handle a very wide range of waste and refuse, dealing with it sustainably and swiftly.

Triple-check your dates

There’s nothing worse than lugging all of your hard waste out to the curb, only to find out that you’re a couple of days early. Even worse, is discovering that you are a day late! What are you going to do with all of this junk now!?

These nightmare scenarios are exactly why it pays to triple-check your dates. When you book in for a council rubbish pickup, you’ll receive some kind of confirmation of dates. That might be an email or a letter. If the dates are scheduled by the council and you have the information in a leaflet, stick it on your fridge. There’s nothing worse than missing those dates!

Categorise your rubbish

Keeping your rubbish in categories is a good way to ensure that you’re not accidentally putting out waste that shouldn’t be there. Separate bins for garden waste and knick knacks helps, along with properly stacked furniture and bed frames. Usually, the council will sort these items at their own facility, but occasionally there may be two or three different trucks for each service, one taking electronics, one, wooden items, and the other, metal.

Council rubbish pickup checklist

Here’s everything you need to do, boiled down into a checklist.

1. Check your waste. Is it time to order a council rubbish pickup?
1. Take a look at the council website and make sure that they will accept the waste items that you want to get rid of.
1. Book in your rubbish pickup, and record the date!
1. Get your waste ready for collection and double-check that there are no items that cannot be taken by your council.
1. Place your items out on the nature strip the night before your collection date. Make sure they are stacked and placed safely.
1. Your council will take your waste the next day!

If the process doesn’t go to plan, or your waste was left, make sure you get in touch with your local council right away.

If you’re looking for expert Sydney rubbish removal, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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