This is How Much Waste the Average Office Worker Produces… and What to Do About It!

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A busy office produces all sorts of waste on a daily basis. This is inevitable! However, it’s what you do with this waste that counts.

Much of the waste is produced by individual workers. Therefore, it’s important to gauge what sort of waste each worker creates, and how to deal with that waste.

It’s essential that you try to prevent waste. Reduction is always the best first step. However, if you can’t reduce waste, it must be recycled in the most sustainable way possible.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we have plenty of experience in dealing with office junk and other kinds of commercial waste.

Therefore, we’re perfectly placed to give you premium advice, that will help you deal with your office waste in the best way.

These are the most common types of waste your staff will produce, and how to reduce or recycle them.

Paper and Recyclables

The average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper every single year.

That’s a huge amount! This issue continues, despite businesses gearing more than ever towards a paperless business.

The best way to avoid paper waste is definitely transferring more of your processes to digital systems.

No matter the type of paper waste, it’s essential that you place ample recycling receptacles around your Sydney office space.

That’ll ensure this waste is being properly recycled and not simply thrown into general waste bins.

Food Waste

Office workers also produce plenty of food waste.

In fact, 20-30% of the average person’s daily waste consists of food scraps. This is because people often purchase meals that are too big!

Educating your staff on ordering the right amount of food isn’t really viable. However, placing a composting bin in your office will ensure that kind of office waste is disposed of properly.

Plastic and Glass

Plastic is common throughout all Sydney offices, in many forms.

Whether it’s plastic bottles, wrapping, containers or glass containers, it’s important that this is recycled properly.

Single use plastics should be phased out as much as possible and replaced with reusable plastics. That’s a much better result for the environment.

To promote proper recycling of plastic and glass in your office, make sure you’re providing plenty of recycling bins in your Sydney office.

To discuss office junk removal for your business, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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