This is How Large Batteries are Recycled

At Sydney City Rubbish, we often find ourselves removing large batteries for recycling, from all kinds businesses.

Many of these batteries are large batteries

Large, lead acid batteries are broken down in certified facilities that ensure all of the components are efficiently recycled.

This is a fantastic result for the environment, as many of these components can be reused entirely, in new battery production.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we pride ourselves on sustainability.

Breaking Them Down

The first steps involve breaking these batteries apart, so that their components can be effectively recycled individually.

After they’re broken apart, the pieces are placed into a vat where lead and other heavy metals sink to the bottom. The plastic parts float.

Then, the plastics are taken out of the vat to be recycled, the vat drained, and the lead and heavy metals are placed into different recycling processes.


The plastic components of the battery are melted together, almost to the point where they form a kind of liquid.

Then, the liquid plastic is moulded into new battery components.

Therefore, the process begins again, and the plastic from your large batteries is virtually 100% recycled.


The parts of your batteries that are made of lead consist of grids, oxide and other operating components.

These parts of your old batteries are cleaned and melted down in special furnaces, and then poured into moulds.

Impurities are taken out of the lead once they float to the top of the molten liquid, then the moulds are allowed to set.

Then, the recycled lead is sent back to battery manufacturers, where they utilise it when making new batteries.

Sulfuric Acid

There are a couple of ways that recycling facilities handle sulfuric acid.

The first involves the acid being neutralized with a compound that essentially turns the acid into water.

From there, the water is treated and cleaned, ensuring it meets clean water standards.

In the second process, the acid is converted into sodium sulfate. This powder is used in detergent, glass and textiles.

Therefore, it can be entirely recycled, ensuring that the sulfuric acid from your old batteries isn’t harming the environment.

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