These are the Differences Between Skip Bins and Rubbish Removal Trucks That You Need to Know

When it comes to booking in a rubbish removal service, there are many options.

It can be tough to work out which type of waste removal solution to go for. As a result, many people and businesses simply order a skip bin.

However, with a skip bin you could be losing out on the benefits that come with other solutions, such as our rubbish removal truck services.

Therefore, we’ve outlined some of the key differences between the two. This is how you’ll ultimately benefit greatly by using our rubbish removal service instead of a skip bin!

Illegal Dumping

It happens far too often; you or your business will order a skip bin to fill over the course of a few days. Unfortunately, overnight, someone has filled your skip bin with their own waste.

Essentially, you’ve ended up paying for someone else to dispose of their rubbish! That’s not good enough, but it’s tough to stop it happening when you do have a skip just sitting in the open, unattended.

However, with a rubbish removal truck, this problem can be easily avoided.

We’ll come and collect your waste on the spot and take it immediately. That removes the chance of illegal dumping entirely.

The Convenience

When you hire a skip bin, you’ll need to fill it up yourself. Moreover, it’s likely sitting in your driveway or carpark, taking up valuable space until it’s picked up.

On the other hand, with a rubbish removal truck service, our workers will fill the truck for you. Moreover, we’ll be in and out before you even realise!

That’s convenience.

One of Them is Much Faster!

Most of the time, you want to get rid of your waste quickly.

Unfortunately, when it comes to skip bins, it’ll take about 3-7 days for your skip company to collect the bin. That’s a long time to have a steel monstrosity sitting in your driveway or carpark!

On the other hand, our Sydney rubbish removal trucks will remove your waste right away. Then, we’ll take it away and deal with your waste responsibly.

In the end, you’ll be spending far less time worrying about your rubbish removal, whether that’s office junk, construction waste or green waste.

The Cost

Skip bins are quite rigid in cost, depending on the size of the skip you book.

On the other hand, the fee for our rubbish removal trucks can vary depending on the time taken to load it and the amount of waste.

That means a better result for you, with a rubbish removal service more tailored to your or your business’s needs.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is so important for any rubbish removal project.

When you’re filling up a skip bin yourself, there are plenty of health and safety risks present. Injury from lifting heavy items or slip and fall injury are both very common.

However, when you book a truck service from Sydney City Rubbish, our workers will be the ones assuming the risk.

Thanks to plenty of training and PPE such as gloves, boots, clothing and more, we’re much more prepared for any potential health and safety issues.

To discuss a rubbish removal service by truck, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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