These are the Best Ways to Repurpose Your Rainwater Tank at Home

At Sydney City Rubbish, we understand more than most the importance of the ‘Three R’s’.
That is, reducing, reusing and recycling.

Rainwater tanks are a common feature in many homes around Sydney. When they reach the end of their useable life, they need to be dealt with sustainably.

Thankfully, most rainwater tanks are recyclable. Whether they are metal or plastic, it’s likely they can be broken down and used in the manufacturing process again.

However, if we take it back a step, they can also be reused in a variety of ways.

This is actually a much better result, as it prevents carbon emissions being created during the recycling process.

Therefore, here are just a few ways you can repurpose your Sydney rainwater tank, straight from the rubbish removal professionals.

Create a Garden Bed

Cutting your rainwater tank down and using the base for a garden bed is a great way to creatively use this piece of would-be waste.

Park it in a part of your garden with plenty of sun, drill some holes in the bottom and fill it with good quality mix or soil.

Then you’ll be ready to plant!

Wood and Green Waste Storage

What could be better than using potential waste to hold other types of waste!?

Old rainwater tanks can be excellent receptacles for the green waste that will inevitably collect in your garden.

Leaves, clippings, small branches and other items can be placed into the old rainwater tank while you wait for a Sydney rubbish removal company to collect the waste.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re well versed in handling all kinds of garden waste.

A Backyard Pond

As long as the structural integrity of your rainwater tank is intact, you could even turn this piece into a small pond.

Simply cut it down to size, dig out a space in your backyard and insert the tank. Then fill it with water, lilies and even a few goldfish.

It’ll look fantastic and saves you hiring a professional Sydney rubbish removal company to take it away for you right away.


You can even use your old rainwater tank as a compost bin!

Simply cut it down to size, find an appropriate lid and then begin to fill it up with all of your compostable waste.

And when you can’t get any more use out of the old rainwater tank, hire a professional rubbish removal company to take it away.

To discuss your old rainwater tank and other rubbish removal in Sydney, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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