The Versatility of a Crane Truck

Sometimes, waste removal can be a tricky business. There may be items that are larger or bulkier than usual, or in hard to reach places.

However, when these problems pop up, at Sydney City Rubbish we can utilise our crane truck. This gives us the ability to remove all kinds of waste, quickly and safely.

Here are just a few ways we utilise our crane truck to remove waste.


Lift Heavy Waste Items

With our crane truck, we can lift items that are too heavy to be lifted by people, or other means.

For instance, large waste items on building sites, engines, industrial machines and heavy pieces of scrap metal.

This saves plenty of time and effort on your part. Moreover, when dealing with heavy items, it’s best to be as safe as possible.


Remove Items from Balconies

The extended reach of our crane truck means that we can remove large waste items from balconies, or other raised areas.

For example, this comes in very handy for bulky items that may not fit down a stairwell without being taken apart.

Moreover, by utilising Sydney City Rubbish, the process of removing rubbish from height will be far safer.


Lift Skip Bags

We’ve discussed the merits of using skip bags for rubbish removal in-depth.

However, another great use of our crane truck is to pick up full skip bags, whether they are ours or a competitors.

In fact, we offer a 10% discount when picking up competitors bags.


Deliver or Pick Up Building Materials

It’s not only waste that our crane truck is excellent for picking up.

We can also pick up or drop off building materials. This includes wood, metal and smaller loads of other materials.


To discuss hiring a crane truck, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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