The Positives of Four Wheeled Bins

At Sydney City Rubbish, we believe in the power of versatility.

Therefore, we provide a number of waste removal options to suit any business, in a variety of sectors.

For example, skip bags, crane truck hire and now four wheeled large bins. Like skip bags, we will drop these bins off to your premises, and pick them up once full.

These bins are great for a variety of waste, are easily manoeuvred and durable. Moreover, they are great for a number of situations.

Overall, our four wheeled bins are an excellent option for rubbish removal in Sydney.

Here are some of the excellent benefits of utilising our four wheeled bins.


Easy to Move

Skip bags are very manoeuvrable whilst empty or with minimal waste in them. However, once full, they can be more difficult or impossible to move.

That’s where our four wheeled bins come in handy.

Even when full of heavy waste, these bins can be easily shifted around, so long as they are on solid, smooth ground.

This comes in very useful when removing rubbish from a variety of areas, such as construction sites, car parks or public areas.

It saves you time, as waste doesn’t have to be carried to the bin. It’s also safer, as you’ll spend less effort lifting and moving about with waste items.


Large Enough

Whilst skips present a large capacity waste removal option, our four wheeled bins are also large enough to hold significant amounts of rubbish.

Moreover, you can order multiple bins, giving you a more versatile option. Although skips can hold a larger amount of waste, these bins remain manoeuvrable.


We’ll Pick It Up! 

The best thing about our four wheeled waste bins is that we’ll drop them off, and pick them up when full.

This means you don’t need to worry about what to do with the bins once they’re full. Simply contact us, and we’ll pick them up.

That saves you plenty of time and is a great way to handle your rubbish removal in Sydney.


To discuss four wheeled bin hire for your business, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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