The Importance of Recycling Electronic Waste in Sydney

We all deal with electronic waste at some point. Whether it’s at home or at work, old electronics that no longer work should be removed and recycled. Ensuring that electronics are recycled properly goes a long way towards reducing pollution and conserving natural resources.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what e-waste is, what the recycling process looks like, and how we can all take action. We can all learn to be more vigilant when it comes to recycling e-waste, and this practice comes with many benefits.

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What is e-waste?

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is a relatively new waste type, having first appeared in high volumes in the 1970’s. Essentially, any old electronic device that has reached the end of its useful life, or is thrown away, is e-waste.

Every single year, 50-60 million tons of e-waste is thrown away around the globe. While this amount makes up only 2-3% of all the waste produced around the world, e-waste presents a very serious threat to the environment and human beings. This is due the materials that are used to build the inner components of these items.

Examples of electronic waste include:

– Computers
– Phones
– Tablets
– Televisions
– Monitors
– DVD and VHS players
– Sound systems
– Radios.

Many of these electronics, such as computers, contain a range of heavy metals and chemicals that can be harmful, as we mentioned above. These materials and components also have plenty of value in reuse, so recycling them can ensure that over time, resources can be conserved and prices can be maintained or lowered.

What is e-waste recycling?

E-waste recycling is the act of taking old electronics, breaking them down, and returning as many materials and components to the manufacturing process as possible. The process of recycling electronics is much more involved than traditional recycling methods, and requires a meticulous process.

How is e-waste recycled?

The first step in the e-waste recycling process is collection. At Sydney City Rubbish, we will collect your e-waste and transport it to a certified recycling company. There, your waste will be sorted carefully and each item examined. This is because different materials, metals, and chemicals can appear in different electronics, particularly older vs newer items.

During the sorting and inspection process, certain parts of the electronics will be removed. These are often pieces like motherboards or memory chips that can be refurbished and reused as they are. Other pieces still can removed and reused in the manufacturing process, allowing a higher resource recovery rate. This process is often known as de-manufacturing and is performed by skilled workers.

It’s also important for ensuring the safety of anyone in the vicinity, because if the wrong components are put through the rest of the process, they could explode or emit harmful chemicals. After the electronic waste has been sorted carefully and components removed, it will be shredded by a large machine.

After shredding, the materials will be separated. All plastics and metals that can be recycled will be collected together, as will any other recyclable materials. These will then be returned to the manufacturing stream.

What are the benefits of e-waste recycling?

Recycling e-waste comes with a range of significant benefits for the environment, people, and the wider community.

Protecting the environment

It goes without saying that recycling e-waste ensures that the environment is protected from pollution. There are already so many materials impacting our waterways, beaches, national parks, soil, groundwater and more. E-waste can be incredibly toxic, and if it is simply thrown into landfills or illegally dumped, it will cause havoc on surrounding eco-systems. On the other hand, recycling e-waste prevents this kind of damage from taking place.

Reusing precious resources

There are a number of resources used in most electronics that are not renewable. This includes precious metals that can be very expensive to mine. Therefore, recycling e-waste allows us to reuse these metals by returning them to the manufacturing process. That creates a greener future for all, and contributes to lowering prices for electronics… and not to mention providing further protection for the environment.

Preventing harm from toxic materials

The toxic chemicals and heavy metals found in computers, and other electronics, can be incredibly harmful to humans. Unfortunately, poisoning from e-waste is increasingly common, particularly in developing countries. Recycling e-waste in a safe and efficient environment protects people from harm.

Strong partnerships are a must

At Sydney City Rubbish, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Asset Lifecycle Management Australia. Quality partnerships are essential to good waste management practices, as well as sustainability efforts. Every great rubbish removal contractor will be partnered with a quality e-waste recycling company. Without this partnership, it becomes so much more difficult to enure an environmentally-friendly outcome.

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