The Importance of Avoiding Rubbish Violations

Waste violations are no joke.


These violations may come in the form of improper disposal, disposing of waste in the wrong place or irresponsibly disposing of harmful materials such as asbestos.


Unfortunately, businesses sometimes commit waste violations unintentionally, simply because they don’t know what they’re disposing of, or where to put it.


They’re then subject to huge fines and other penalties.


It’s simply not worth the risk. Therefore, below, we’ve provided some tips on how to best avoid rubbish violations.


Know What You’re Disposing Of


It’s so important that you know exactly what you are disposing of.


This goes a long way to avoiding accidentally disposing of toxic waste, or materials that should be recycled or repurposed.


For instance, incorrectly disposing of materials like asbestos or mercury could see you fined up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Record Your Rubbish


When you dispose of items, it’s a great idea to record the information in a ledger so that you can reference it later on.


This is handy for when, or if, the authorities audit your business about your waste disposal practices. It’s also useful for tracking waste when establishing a waste management plan.


Hire a Professional Contractor


We know what’s safe and what isn’t.


Sydney City Rubbish have been removing rubbish for years, so we’re well versed in safe practices. We have connections with all kinds of specialist recycling facilities, and know what goes where.


Therefore, by hiring us, you’ll be avoiding the headache or financial penalties of any rubbish violations in the future.


You can rest easy when Sydney City Rubbish are doing the job for you.



To discuss your rubbish removal needs, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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