The Difference between The Cheapest & The Best Rubbish Removal

When seeking a price for a product many people look for the “cheapest” price. If the price is the same for exactly the same product it makes sense to shop around and get the best deal.

However when you shop around for the “Cheapest Rubbish Load”, do you really want the cheapest operation to attend your A Grade office space or residential building and enter your newly fitted tenancy to remove rubbish or to carefully knock down a wall? Most would say definitely not! Although price is a driving factor, there are expensive finishes at stake, reputations to uphold and most of all money to spend on damage if you let one of these rubbish cowboys into your space.

So how do you know you have picked the right operation and what to look out for in a professional team;


Yes, dress! You can judge a book by its cover when it comes to rubbish removal. Clean cut uniforms, no tattoos or ex cons, no sweaty men moving through an A grade building causing havoc.

Punctual & Polite

Your rubbish team need to be punctual and polite, on time, courteous, helpful and the client is always right!


Clean bins which are stored indoors (yes they don’t stink like rotten food), non marking wheels, vacuum cleaners at the ready, progressive cleaning and don’t need to be asked!

Fixed Quotes

Many of the cheapest quote over the phone or on the spot then when approved conveniently alter their fixed price to suit them along the way in order to maximise their income. Use a company who can provide fast, accurate and clear written quotes for approval.

Advanced Booking

A good operator should have a good booking system, to help with punctuality, manage safety, account for project updates and provide photographs of each load completed and most importantly communicate with you the client.


Good Communication is paramount when looking for a rubbish removal provider. The one that calls, texts and emails (yes all 3!) to confirm a booking, confirms the scope with the client to avoid any unnecessary mistakes and notifies a client with photos when a job is complete so they don’t even have to go and check that the job is done right.

Building Management Communication

It’s imperative that your rubbish removal company is willing and able to communicate professionally and effectively with your building manager to ensure a positive welcoming into the building and to build trust. We pride ourselves in professionally communicating with all parties involved to ensure positive, hassle free outcomes.

So before you book the Cheapest, perhaps consider the Best rubbish removers in Sydney who have been welcomed and accepted in almost every building in the Sydney CBD. Chances are we work for the building management or owner already.

For a quote from the best rubbish removers in Sydney click here. For everyone else click here:)

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