The Benefits of Rubbish Removal Services Over Skip Bins

Skip bins are a popular waste management option for households, commercial businesses, and building projects. However, rubbish removal services that make use of waste management experts and trucks offer an alternative solution and one that comes with several notable benefits.

Below, we’ll take a look at the benefits of take-and-go rubbish removal services over skip bins, and how we at Sydney City Rubbish can help.

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Flexibility and accessibility

Removing rubbish by hand is significantly more flexible than utilising a skip bin. Accessibility is often an issue when it comes to finding space for a bin or accessing a difficult building site, business premises, or even a home. Urban areas can be particularly challenging as there may well be limited parking or space constraints. Delivering and picking up a skip bin requires a large truck, which makes this much more difficult.

On the other hand, a rubbish removal service remains flexible and dynamic. If access and space are limited, we’re able to simply park our truck as close by as possible, and remove the items by hand. This entirely eliminates the need for a skip bin and allows us to remove waste from virtually any location, including tight spaces, high-rise offices and apartments, and even spaces like basements or attics.

This kind of flexibility and accessibility gives rubbish removal an edge over skip bins.


Skip bins generally operate on a fixed rental fee. It doesn’t matter how much waste you actually throw into the bin; the price won’t change. This can be convenient for certain kinds of waste removal, particularly when you know how much waste you will have, and what size bin fits that amount of waste. However, it can be a more expensive option.

If you hire a rubbish removal team to take your rubbish by hand, you’ll only be paying for the waste that is removed. This becomes a more cost-effective option, especially if the waste removal project is ongoing (such as on a building site). Whether it’s a small load or a large, multi-day job, choosing hand rubbish removal can save you money.

More environmentally-friendly

In the long run, skip bins may contribute to more pollution. This happens when skips are left exposed for long periods, with waste inside them. Bits and pieces of waste like plastic can be blown out of the skips, landing in gutters, on nature strips, and in parks. On top of this, people often dump waste in others’ skip bins, filling them with unwanted items. This is especially a problem when trying to separate waste materials.

Rubbish removal by hand is a more careful approach, and we often practice waste separation on building sites, during strata waste removal projects, and more. This allows us to seek better outcomes for waste and a more environmentally friendly result. At Sydney City Rubbish, we only remove the necessary items, promoting waste reduction and minimising pollution, littering, or landfill growth.

It’s more efficient

Dealing with waste by hand offers a more time-efficient solution than hiring a skip bin. Ordering a skip bin involves waiting for it to come, which may take days. This can really impact a time-sensitive project, such as a construction or demolition job. Once the bin has been filled, you may then wait even longer to have it picked up. Not to mention the time you’ve taken to actually fill the bin. All-in-all, it’s not the most efficient process.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we pride ourselves on our efficiency in every single rubbish removal job. Our team is highly trained in the best practices, meaning we always complete every job on time. That allows our clients to remain focused on whatever task is at hand. In the end, that means less stress and a more efficient experience for everyone.

Personalised service and attention to detail

You don’t get service with a skip bin! It’s all left up to you. But with our Sydney rubbish removal experience, we always deliver service with a smile. Our friendly team is always ready to accommodate your needs, and we always deliver a bespoke service. We also maintain incredible attention to detail, ensuring that nothing is missed. And when we’ve removed all of your junk, we will thoroughly clean the area. Now that’s service!

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If you’re looking for expert rubbish removal in Sydney, we’re ready to help. A rubbish removal service maintains many benefits over a skip bin, and we take all kinds of junk.

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