The Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

At Sydney City Rubbish, we always promote recycling.


Whether that be in an office, at home, or on a building site, recycling must be encouraged when reduction or reuse of waste isn’t possible.


In the construction industry, one of the most common types of waste that we see is scrap metal; it’s common on a building project, a strip out or demolition job.


It’s imperative that your construction business is recycling this scrap metal. When you do, you’ll see a number of fantastic benefits.




The construction industry is gradually becoming more sustainable, but we all need to do our part to improve the process.


When you recycle your scrap metal, you’re making a fantastic contribution to the sustainability of the industry.


That means this scrap metal is going back into the formation of new building materials.


Therefore, it reduces the raw materials required for the manufacturing process, as well as the carbon emissions the process creates.


To put that into figures, in 2012 the institute of scrap recycling industries estimated that recycling metal could cut greenhouse emissions by 300 to 500 million tons.


Financial Gain


When you recycle scrap metal from your building site, you stand to make a financial gain from the recycled materials.


By taking this scrap to a licensed dealer, you’ll be paid out for various types of metal.


Moreover, non-ferrous metals which aren’t magnetic are worth a lot more than ferrous metals. These valuable metals include aluminium, copper and brass.


To make the most of your scrap metal, it’s best to work with a professional rubbish removal contractor like Sydney City Rubbish.


Health and Safety


When you employ a rubbish removal company to handle your scrap metal and other waste, you can be sure that your building site is safe as possible.


For instance, by removing these potentially dangerous pieces of debris on a regular basis, there’s less risk of your workers being injured in a trip and fall incident.


Reduced Impact on the Environment


The impact that scrap metal can have on the environment when not recycled is enormous.


For instance, when scrap metal ends up in landfill, chemical compounds from the metal can leak into the earth, and pollute waterways.


Therefore, it’s important to ensure that all of your scrap metal is handled by a professional waste removal company, to reduce your impact on the environment.




To discuss recycling your scrap metal, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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