The Benefits of Recycling Cardboard

If you run an office or warehouse based business, it’s likely that you use a lot of cardboard on a daily basis.

Cardboard is an excellent material for a number of things, especially when it comes to packaging. Moreover, it’s easily recyclable.

However, too much cardboard is ending up in landfill, when it can easily be recycled. This is costing us in natural resources, as well as harming the environment.

Therefore, it’s imperative that we all do what we can to make sure our cardboard waste is being recycled, and not disposed of irresponsibly.

Here are the benefits of recycling cardboard.


Prevents Deforestation

The process of manufacturing cardboard begins with the cutting down of trees.

Unfortunately, deforestation is a problem across the globe, with people taking far more than we can afford to.

Thankfully, recycling your cardboard contributes to reducing deforestation. This is because the same cardboard fibres can be used, over and over again.

In fact, recycling one ton of cardboard saves 31 trees!


Saves Water

Water is the most precious resource we have, and it takes a lot of it to manufacture new cardboard.

On the other hand, when we recycle our cardboard, we are able to save plenty of the water that would be used in the manufacturing process.

Believe it or not, recycling one ton of cardboard saves 25,000 litres of water.


Reduces Carbon Emissions

The more trees we have, the more we can fight carbon emissions.

Therefore, when we cut down trees to make cardboard and paper products, we are sacrificing the Earth’s ability to fight CO2 emissions.

As well as this, the process of manufacturing new cardboard can also produce plenty of harmful carbon emissions.


Saves Landfill Space

Despite it being biodegradable, landfill is definitely not the place for cardboard.

This is because it will take cardboard much longer to break down if it sits in landfill. As well as that, it simply takes up precious space that is required for other waste.

Therefore, your business should always be recycling its cardboard waste.


It’s Better for the Environment

Overall, recycling cardboard is far better for the environment.

It saves trees and water, it helps to reduce CO2 emissions, and it prevents these materials from ending up in the ocean, where they can still have a negative impact on marine life.


To discuss the removal of your cardboard and other recyclable waste, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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