The Benefits of Disposing of Garden Waste Sustainably

garden waste

Correctly disposing of Sydney garden waste has countless benefits, both for businesses and the environment.

Garden and food waste often comprises up to half of all household and business waste. When sent landfill this waste ferments, releasing methane. This potent greenhouse gas contributes to climate change causing patterns when released from landfills in large quantities.

Separating garden from landfill waste and repurposing it into compost and mulch reduces the contribution of this gas into the atmosphere. When treated correctly, it becomes a valuable resource for landscaping and gardening.

Green waste can also be used as a biofuel source of energy, due to the amount of heat it releases when left to ferment. This ideal alternative both reduces waste and creates a biodegradable form of energy.

Despite all of these benefits, separating your green waste can be challenging to initiate. Sydney City Rubbish will collect all of your separated office rubbish and have it sent to the appropriate certified recycling and repurposing facilities.

This can reduce material sent to landfill by up to half.

How Do We Do It?

At Sydney City Rubbish, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability in all of our waste removal projects.

We’re very conscious of where our waste ends up. Therefore, we always make sure that we’re completing waste removal projects sustainably.

When it comes to green waste, our highly trained Sydney rubbish removal professionals will remove it in our rubbish trucks and take it to a certified green waste facility.

There, your Sydney garden waste will be turned into the compost, mulch and other useful materials mentioned above. That’s a far better result than green waste simply being dumped in landfills.

Don’t Let It Build Up!

The key to maintaining your garden waste in Sydney, whether you’re a business or residence, is to make sure it doesn’t build up.

If you do allow clippings and other waste to pile up, you’ll attract all sorts of pests. That includes insects, rodents and more.

In turn, that can cause all sorts of issues for your premises, as well as any other occupants or your employees.

Avoid those issues by hiring a professional Sydney rubbish removal company like Sydney City Rubbish.

To discuss professional Sydney rubbish removal for your business, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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