The Benefits of Bulka Bags on a Building Site

Many building sites hire skips for the disposal of waste, but depending on your needs, there may well be a better option… bulka bags.


On a building site, a multitude of waste will inevitably be produced, no matter the type of project, or its size.


Bulka bags offer a durable and long-lasting solution to building waste, and are ideal for various forms of rubbish.




A multitude of wood waste crops up on any building site.


Thankfully, you can dispose of this waste in bulka bags. Furthermore, to help with waste separation, you can use different bags for various kinds of wood.


This makes the recycling process much easier later on.


Bricks and Rubble


Bulka bags are a great option for collecting bricks and rubble.


Furthermore, the integrity of the material means that our bags can hold up to 1500kg, so heavier items like these do not pose a problem.




Plastic rubbish is another common form of waste found on most building sites.


This may be in the form of piping, wrapping waste, bags and all manner of other plastic rubbish.


Therefore, a fantastic way to combat this problem is to use bulka bags to collect and keep track of your plastic refuse.




Some argue that skips should be used for metal waste.


This can be true in some cases, but bulka bags can still collect and hold all kinds of metal.


Common forms of metal waste can include piping, metal sheeting, nails and screws, wiring and all sorts of other scrap metal.


Soil and Dirt


Building sites often end up with excess soil waste. This is a direct result of digging holes and trenches, or levelling an area.


Therefore, to save time and money, a bulka bag is the best way to handle this soil. Rather than hire a skip, bags are much easier to move about.




To discuss your bulka bag needs, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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