Tenants Vacating and Dumping Rubbish? Removal Services for Building Managers

Tenants vacating their property and dumping rubbish is a common challenge for building managers in Sydney. This dumped waste can lead to all kinds of problems, including bad odours and health and safety concerns. It must be stopped before it occurs, but if it does occur, you need expert help.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we can maintain a clean and tidy environment for you and your remaining tenants. Our rubbish removal services are always efficient, with on-time and effective cleaning. We’ve been dealing with dumped waste in apartment buildings and blocks of units for some time now. Safe to say, you’re in good hands.

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Why do vacating tenants dump rubbish in strata complexes?

Vacating tenants dump their rubbish illegally for a variety of reasons. They often want to avoid tip fees, as well as the effort that it takes to dispose of it properly. Some tenants are content to just leave their junk and move along, hoping that the complex will deal with it. They assume that it won’t be their problem if they leave the waste right there.

Unfortunately, it often becomes the building managers responsibility. It’s not fair, but no one else is going to clean it up. Therefore, a building manager will need the help of an expert rubbish removal company, like Sydney City Rubbish. We’re the best in the business when it comes to dealing with strata rubbish, and we are here to help.

What is the impact of illegal dumping in NSW?

Dumping rubbish is a serious problem in NSW. But why is it illegal and what’s the impact?

Illegal dumping in apartments

Dumping rubbish in apartments can cause both health hazards and bad air quality, among other issues. If your tenants are leaving bags of rubbish that contain organic waste like food scraps, bad odours, and poor quality air are guaranteed. This can attract rodents like mice and rats, as well as insects. If it is simply left to rot for a long period of time, this kind of waste can even cause illness among other tenants. Therefore, it must be dealt with as soon as possible.

Illegal dumping in public places

Much of the pollution that we see every day comes from littering and illegal dumping. Not only does it cause great harm to the people around, but it also affects the ecosystems and endangers precious native animals and plants. Waterways are particularly impacted, and once rubbish finds its way into a creek or the beach, it can spread easily.

Piles of illegally dumped waste can also have an impact on property prices and location desirability. It makes complexes look poorly kept and will be sure to keep potential tenants or buyers well away. This can have a serious impact on any complex. It’s up to tenants firstly, to deal with their rubbish in a more practical way.

But if the worst happens, a building manager must have the waste removed by a rubbish removal expert in Sydney.

What types of strata rubbish do we take?

In recent years, the rubbish produced by strata complexes has increased steadily. It’s also one of the most significant problems that every strata complex and building manager will face. Sydney strata rubbish removal is one of our key specialities. We can remove basically every type of waste that may be dumped in a strata complex.


Furniture is one of the most common types of waste when it comes to illegal dumping and strata rubbish. The most common culprits include chairs, sofas, shelves, desks, mattresses, beds, tables, and wardrobes. There is no excuse for tenants to leave their old furniture in carparks, bin areas, or elsewhere. It can become a nesting ground for all kinds of rodents and insects, and will be a significant eyesore.


Appliances are another common type of waste that we see dumped in strata complexes. Even worse is when outgoing tenants leave old food items in fridges, which may well sit there for weeks or even months. The most common appliances that we see during a removal of dumped rubbish include:

– Fridges
– Washing machines
– Dishwashers
– Microwaves
– Bathroom appliances
– Irons
– Toasters
– Much more.

The good news is that all of these items can be easily recycled. Firstly though, they must be removed and taken to the correct facility. At Sydney City Rubbish, we can easily facilitate this, and ensure that old appliances are dealt with in a sustainable manner.

Garden waste

Garden waste includes grass, hedge, and shrub cuttings, leaves and weeds, plants and flowers, straw, hay, and sawdust, as well as tree bark and small branches. If tenants are leaving behind old compost bins, piles of garden waste, or even gardening tools, they need to be removed as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about dumping rubbish in Sydney

Is there any fine or penalties for illegal dumping?

Dumping rubbish without a permit is illegal in every state in Australia. It carries considerable jail times as well as fines of up to $60,000 for individuals or $120,000 for corporations.

What to do if someone dumps rubbish on your property?

Illegal dumping on one’s property happens for a number of reasons. None of them, however, are acceptable. If it does happen to you, here are a few things that you can do:

– If you find someone in the act of dumping or leaving rubbish, talk to them directly. Politely request that they take the waste with them, and remain calm.
– If that doesn’t stop them, involve the police.
– If the police ask you for evidence, providing security camera footage or witness accounts is invaluable.
– If the rubbish has been dumped by an outgoing tenant, the tenant will need to be contacted. They must return and deal with the waste themselves. If they do not, it then becomes a legal matter.

Expert apartment rubbish removal services

If you need to get rid of dumped rubbish fast, Sydney City Rubbish is ready to help. Our expert team can remove large volumes of rubbish quickly, and we’re experienced in dealing with all kinds of strata waste and residential junk.

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