Sydney Warehouse Strip-Out: Removing a Mezzanine Office

A mezzanine office is a fantastic addition to any warehouse. It’s literally creating space from nothing, and adding a whole new functional area (or areas) to your workplace. This kind of space is perfect for a business that requires a dedicated warehouse office area, protected from the hustle and bustle of the main working area.

However, eventually, it comes time to remove this component from your warehouse. If your lease has finished, you’ll probably be obligated to strip-out your mezzanine space, and any other design elements that you’ve added to your warehouse. And this is where an expert demolition and strip-out team is required.

Let’s take a closer look at mezzanine offices below, and the process of removing them.

What are the benefits of a mezzanine office?

A Sydney warehouse mezzanine office can come with a wide range of benefits.


The mezzanine area provides the opportunity to keep your office operations centralised. The average warehouse might not have an office area or may have a few small areas dotted around. However, building a mezzanine means you now have a dedicated space for administrative staff and management to work from. This means it will be easier to communicate, and far easier to manage meetings and troubleshooting sessions.

Raised area for better visibility

A standard mezzanine office will be at least one level higher than the main warehouse floor. That gives an excellent view across the entire working area, meaning it’s much easier for management to keep an eye on operations. This means being more alert to deliveries, outgoing deliveries, and much more. Therefore, a mezzanine floor in your warehouse can actually boost productivity in a number of ways.

Protect electronics

Most warehouses will be full of plenty of dust and airborne particles. These particles can easily find their way into computers and other electronic devices, which will of course be present in your office area. Raising your mezzanine office and keeping devices in this space will protect them from dust and other nasty particles. That means less cleaning required and longer life for your electronic devices.What happens when you want to remove your warehouse mezzanine office?

Perhaps you need to strip out before vacating and make good on your lease. Or, you’ve decided to redesign your warehouse and remove the mezzanine floor or office entirely. Whatever the reasoning, you will need an expert Sydney strip-out team to help.


The first step in any strip-out project is to remove the office furniture that sits in the space. This usually includes desks, office chairs, tables, chairs, storage units, and anything else that might need to be removed. It can be tricky (and dangerous) to try to remove these items yourself, particularly because there will be stairs leading to and from your mezzanine floor. However, at Sydney City Rubbish, we have the experience and skills to remove your office furniture safely and efficiently, every time.

Finishes and fixtures

Once the furniture has been removed, we’ll begin to remove your floor and wall finishes. That will include carpet, floating floors, any partitions, and more. Removing these components will then expose the electrical components and plumbing, as well as the actual structure of your warehouse mezzanine office.

Electrical and plumbing

Removing electrical and plumbing from your mezzanine office must be done by experienced demolition experts. Our team has immense experience in office strip-outs, demolition projects, and mezzanine office removal in Sydney. We’ll remove these components with ease, and we’ll do it safely. Then, we’ll ensure the waste is dealt with in an environmentally-friendly manner, every time.


Once everything else has been removed, we’ll begin to dismantle the structure itself. That begins with the ceiling, walls, and floors. Then the exposed steel beams will be dismantled carefully while maintaining the highest standard of health and safety. And before you know it, your warehouse mezzanine office will be gone!What happens to demolition waste?

We’ll work with you throughout the process to determine which components you may want to keep, and which constitute junk. Some organisations like to transplant the mezzanine office itself to their new warehouse, and so do keep the bulk of the structure. The good news is that the rest of the waste is generally highly recyclable. And at Sydney City Rubbish, we always prioritise an eco-friendly outcome.

We regularly work with a number of certified recycling facilities, to ensure that materials like untreated wood, scrap metal, and plaster, are recycled where possible. Many of the other materials that we remove can even be reused in other projects, or donated to charity services or other businesses. When this is the case, your demolition project will be having a far more positive impact on the environment.

Sydney office demolition

If you’re looking for an office strip-out or demolition, Sydney City Rubbish is ready to help. We’re experts in removing all components of an office, mezzanine area, or similar structure. Whether you’re at the end of a lease and need to make good, redesigning and renovating your space, or changing your structure entirely, we’re here to help.

Get in touch with us today for an obligation-free quote. We’d love to hear from you!

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