Sydney Rubbish Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

At Sydney City Rubbish, we often field a range of questions from our clients, both online and in person. Many of these questions relate to our services, and how we operate. Therefore, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions below.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send us an email enquiry, or give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

Frequently asked questions about rubbish removal in Sydney

Here are some of the questions we’re often asked about Sydney rubbish removal.

What kind of office junk do you remove?

Office junk removal and cleanouts are our bread and butter. We’ve been removing junk from offices across Sydney for many years now, so we know exactly how to operate. We remove a wide range of items, including:

– Desks and workstations
– Chairs
– Electronic waste such as computers and printers
– Storage units
– Compactus
– Old files and boxes of archives
– Miscellaneous bulky waste.

We’ll remove these items quickly and carefully, and ensure that they are dealt with in the most eco-friendly way possible.

What health and safety measures do you take?

We’re entirely committed to health and safety, on every single rubbish removal project. This commitment means:

– Our team is highly trained in safe practices
– We take the time to identify hazards and eliminate them where possible
– Our team is always equipped with quality protective equipment
– Our tools and equipment are always maintained to the highest degree.

This means that not only are our people safe on the job, anyone else in close proximity is, too.

Do you offer strip out and demolition services?

Yes! At Sydney City Rubbish, we offer expert strip out and demolition services. That includes office strip outs, hotel strip outs, apartment strip outs, and much more. And once we’ve completed your demolition project, we’ll remove the waste!

Do you offer a free rubbish removal quote?

Yes, we sure do. You can obtain a free quote for rubbish removal services right here on our website. Alternatively, you can give us a call, and we can provide a quote over the phone.

How long does it take to remove my rubbish?

The answer to this question varies depending on the type and amount of waste you need to be removed, along with a range of other factors. On average, it takes us about 1-2 hours to complete a rubbish removal operation. We will be able to give you an estimate when we provide you with a free rubbish removal quote.

How much does rubbish removal cost?

This is another question that is tough to answer without the right details. We offer affordable rubbish removal services, and our prices are always incredibly competitive. In fact, we’ll beat any written quote by 10%!

Get your free rubbish removal quote right here.

How do I know how much rubbish I actually have?

It’s almost impossible to measure your waste in cubic metres or weight. Therefore, when you fill out your free quote form, we’ll try and get as good an idea as possible about how much waste you have. This allows us to give you as accurate a quote as possible.

Do you take hazardous waste?

We do remove some hazardous waste items, however, there are some items we do not remove. Get in touch with us today for more information on what we can and cannot take.

Are your rubbish removal services sustainable?

We always prioritise sustainable outcomes for our rubbish removal services. Therefore, we donate everything possible. We also take waste types to associated recycling facilities. For instance, garden waste is processed by a garden waste facility, and electronic waste is recycled similarly.

Do you offer bulk bag rubbish removal?

We do offer bulk bag rubbish collection. We also offer bulk bag hire, meaning all of our services in one spot! Bulk bags are ideal for a wide variety of waste, including construction waste, large recyclables, garden waste, and strip-out waste. They are also highly recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly option.

What equipment and machinery do you use for rubbish removal?

We’re equipped with a wide range of rubbish removal tools… essentially, we’ve got what it takes to get any rubbish removal job done! That includes large-capacity rubbish removal trucks, cranes for heavy and difficult-to-reach items, bulk bags, a wide array of tools, and more.

What areas do you service?

We’re based in Ultimo, and we service all of Sydney’s easter suburbs, CBD, and additional areas. If you’re in Sydney, feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs and your location.

Why should we choose Sydney City Rubbish instead of your competitors?

Great question, and one that we love to answer! We’re supremely confident that we offer a combination of benefits that our competitors do not. These include:

– Highly-trained rubbish removal staff
– Equipment and vehicles for any job
– Expertise in a wide range of waste
– A tight network of cleaning, office design, and construction companies
– A dedication to sustainability that is second to none
– And… we’ll beat any written quote by 10%.

Do you offer deceased estate cleanup?

Yes, we do offer deceased estate clean-up in Sydney. This is always a tough time for loved ones, so we ensure that communication is always clear and concise, allowing you to take care of other affairs. We’ll always ensure that we only take the rubbish requested, so that nothing with sentimental value or financial value is accidentally removed.

Do you deal with hoarder waste in Sydney?

We do offer hoarding waste cleanout in Sydney. We understand that this is a difficult topic for most families, as hoarding is often tied to mental health conditions. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to ensure the waste is dealt with properly, and sensitively.

Do you donate any of the rubbish you remove?

We do! In fact, we run a Facebook group where we donate items that are no longer wanted by our clients. First, we check with our clients to make sure they’re happy for us to donate their goods to others. Then, we’ll either list the items on our Facebook group or donate the items to a charity. This all depends on the item and the condition of the item.

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