Sydney Rubbish Removal: 5 Facts About Plastics and Polystyrene

The effects of plastic pollution on the environment are extreme, to say the least.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we know full well the problems that improper disposal of plastic and polystyrene can cause.

Therefore, we’re extremely thorough in the way we deal with plastic, in every single Sydney rubbish removal project we undertake.

We always build our waste management plan around the three R’s; reduce, reuse, recycle, which is essential in the fight against plastic pollution.

To better educate our readers, here are five frightening facts about plastic and polystyrene, which highlight why we must be better at reducing, reusing and recycling.

73% of Waste on Beaches is Plastic

According to National Geographic, 73% of all of the litter and rubbish found on beaches around the world is made up of plastic.

This waste commonly consists of cigarette filters, plastic bottles, wrappers from a variety of foods, bags and polystyrene.

There are a number of companies established for the sole purpose of removing waste from our beaches and oceans, in Australia and across the world.

They’re doing a great job, but it’s a long road ahead to clear beaches of all plastic rubbish.

However, if we’re able to do our part and dispose of plastic rubbish properly in Sydney and the rest of Australia, it won’t even make it to the beach!

Plastic is Illegal in Some Places

As we learn more and more about the devastating effects of plastic pollution, a number of countries are implementing tough new laws.

For example, in Kenya, someone caught making, selling or even using plastic bags can be hit with prison time or a fine of about $40,000 USD.

Whilst we don’t have laws like this in Sydney, it’s essential you or your business dispose of your plastic waste responsibly.

The best way to do this is to hire a professional Sydney rubbish removal company to handle your office rubbish or construction waste.

2 Million Plastic Bags Per Minute…

Throughout the world, 2 million plastic bags are used every single minute.

This is an inconceivable amount of plastic and unfortunately, the vast majority of it is not recycled. Moreover, a huge chunk of it simply becomes pollution.

In Sydney, combat this plastic waste with Sydney rubbish removal, to ensure you’re having the best impact on the environment possible.

90% of the Plastic Polluting the Oceans Comes from Just 10 Rivers

Eight of these rivers are in Asia, and two are in Africa.

There is a direct correlation between population density, poor waste management and plastic pollution, which has a catastrophic impact on the environment.

Even though these places are far removed from Sydney, we must do our bit and responsibly recycle all of our plastic and polystyrene waste.

For information on how to best do it, get in touch with a Sydney rubbish removal company. We’re always happy to help.

Plastic Kills 1.1 million Animals Annually

The most tragic aspect of plastic pollution is the enormous amount of wildlife it kills.

Every single year, plastic causes the deaths of roughly 1.1 million animals, the majority of which reside in or on the ocean.

That includes birds, seabirds, fish and many, many other animals.

As we live in a coastal city, we have even more of a responsibility to ensure plastic does not end up in our waterways. From there, it can easily find its way into the oceans.

For your business, that means hiring a comprehensive Sydney rubbish removal company to handle your plastic waste.

To discuss a professional Sydney rubbish removal service for your business, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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