Sydney Office Strip-Out: Now is the Ideal Time

A Sydney office strip-out can be required for a number of reasons.

Perhaps you’re a landlord and want to refurbish your commercial property to make it ready for new tenants. Or, maybe you’re an outgoing tenant and need to fulfil your obligation to ‘makegood’ on your Sydney commercial lease.

Alternatively, you could simply be a tenant wanting to prepare for a new Sydney office fit-out.

Whatever the reason, the COVID-19 pandemic has made now the ideal time to complete your Sydney office strip-out.

Here’s why.

Less People Around

With the current restrictions, hundreds of thousands of Sydney office workers are now working remotely. That means offices all over Sydney are virtually empty.

Seeing as one of the prime issues with conducting a Sydney office strip-out is working around a live space, now is the perfect time to complete that strip-out.

Our works won’t interfere with the productivity of your staff, and you won’t need to spend time nutting out when we can begin.

In the end, that saves your organisation time, money and productivity.

Move Faster

With offices vacant, there is a golden opportunity to make your Sydney office strip-out far easier and much quicker.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we understand the value of a swift and safe office strip-out.

It means that you can commence your refurbishment or new Sydney office fit-out quicker or vacate your office space in accordance with your commercial lease agreement.


It goes without saying that when we’re able to operate in a space with less people, the office strip-out process is much safer.

Moreover, we’re able to spend more time planning for safe practices, ensuring our own workers are protected at all times.

Health and safety is always essential, so take the opportunity to minimise the risk by completing your office strip-out now.

More Affordable

Easier access to your office means a faster result and therefore less spent on labour hours.

We’ll efficiently remove your furniture, partitions, flooring, cubicles, electricals and more, depending on the degree of office strip-out you require.

When we’re able to do this quicker and more efficiently, your business will end up saving money. That is a desirable result in this climate, where most businesses are suffering some kind of financial strain.

To discuss your Sydney office strip-out, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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