Sydney Hotel Strip-Out: Working with the Experts

If you’ve decided to commence a hotel refurbishment or a fresh hotel fit-out for your accommodation, you’ll first need a hotel strip-out. This will involve removing the existing fit-out, particularly your hotel rooms. And at Sydney City Rubbish, we’re the best in the business when it comes to hotel demolition in Sydney.

What does a hotel strip-out involve?

A typical Sydney hotel strip-out involves removing a number of elements, though each job will differ in terms of scope.

Beds and furniture removal

Before any demolition works can begin, all of the furniture in the hotel room needs to be removed. We’re experts in dealing with furniture waste in Sydney, including removing bedframes, mattresses, couches, tables, and any other miscellaneous furniture. This is an important part of a hotel strip-out.

We always ensure that waste is dealt with in a sustainable manner, meaning that reusing or repurposing items is our priority. This prevents old furniture items from becoming landfill, and may even fill a need for another hotel or business, while providing some financial reimbursement for you.

Floor finishes

Almost every commercial strip-out in Sydney involves some removal of floor finishes. In a hotel, that may well be carpet, carpet tiles, timber laminate, or some other material. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re experienced in dealing with all kinds of floor finishes. What’s more, after the demolition project is complete, we’ll deal with the waste in an eco-friendly manner.


A standard hotel room strip-out will include stripping out bathrooms. That means removing tiles, fixtures, and any other finishes. It may also include removing baths and showers, along with toilets. However, if the bathrooms remain in good condition, the hotel management may request to keep them as they are, to save on time and money.


A commercial strip-out often involves removing all electrical components that aren’t part of the base structure. That includes heating and cooling systems, lighting fixtures, powerpoints, and any other electrical components in the hotel room. Here, safety is more important than ever.

Non-load-bearing walls and partitions

Some hotel room demolition projects might involve expanding the space or joining two rooms together. When this is the objective, walls that are not load-bearing will often be removed. Removing these walls requires a serious amount of skill, expertise, and of course, the right license.

We always operate with the utmost care and stick to procedures every single time. Our demolition specialists are highly-qualified, meaning you’re always in good hands when you hire Sydney City Rubbish for your hotel strip-out.

Why expert hotel room strip-out Sydney?

It’s essential that you hire experienced and reputable hotel strip-out contractors in Sydney. If you go with a cheap, inexperienced company, there’s a good chance that your project will run over time, and you’ll probably end up paying more than originally agreed. The chance of serious damage occurring to your building is also significantly increased with a poor-quality contractor.

On the other hand, hiring a seriously good hotel strip-out company places you in a great position. At Sydney City Rubbish, we consistently deliver exceptional results because we are dedicated to utilising our extensive expertise, along with our proven and tested methods.

We’re also incredibly dedicated to stringent demolition health and safety measures, including high-quality safety training, proper signage, regular maintenance of equipment, personal protective equipment, and much more. This is even more critical when working in a live environment, which is quite common during a commercial strip-out.

Working in a live environment

Oftentimes, we are tasked with completing a Sydney hotel strip-out while there are still guests staying in the building. This is called a live environment because guests and staff will probably be in reasonably close proximity to the worksite. Maintaining a live environment is understandable because it’s financially sensible to continue to use other accommodations where possible.

When working in a live environment, our people will take the utmost care to minimise any unnecessary noise and activity, where possible. To negate this, we can work with you to pick the best hours to work during the day. We’ll also ensure that areas are kept clean and tidy, so you can maintain excellent presentation.

Looking for a Sydney hotel strip-out?

If you need a strip-out for your Sydney hotel, we’re ready to help. We work with hotels of all sizes, providing professional demolition and de-fit services all over Sydney. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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