Sydney City Rubbish: Concrete Grinding in Your Warehouse at the End of Your Lease

The concrete floor surfaces of a warehouse will inevitably cop all kinds of wear and tear.

And when it comes to vacating your warehouse, you’ll have to ensure that the concrete surfaces are as pristine as they were when you moved in.

This is where concrete grinding comes into the picture.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we have plenty of experience in concrete grinding in a number of settings, including for warehouses.

It’s a common practice at the end of a lease, to make good on the condition of the premises and return it to its original condition.

Therefore, we also complete concrete grinding as part of a number of strip-out and demolition projects.

Here are some of the ways we can ensure your end of lease cleaning is as effective as possible.

Eliminate Paint

Paint can be difficult to remove from your concrete floors, especially if it’s been there for some time and has bonded to the surface.

One common type of paint that might be present in your warehouse is the remnants of old warehouse lines and markings.

It’s essential you remove this paint with concrete grinding before painting new lines.

If you don’t do this, new paint may not bond to the concrete surfaces as well as it needs too. Moreover, the remnants of old lines can confuse drivers in the warehouse.

To properly make good on your lease and leave your warehouse in perfect condition, the old lines must be removed.

Ensure you hire a Sydney concrete grinding professional to complete this work safely and efficiently.

Destroy Glue and Epoxy Glue

If you’re removing an epoxy floor, it’s highly likely that you’ll need concrete grinding to remove the glue that holds this layer down.

This is where our comprehensive concrete grinding service comes into play.

We’ll remove glue and any other pollutants swiftly and quickly, leaving your concrete surfaces spick and span.

That means less stress when it comes to finally leaving your premises, and peace of mind.

To discuss concrete grinding for the end of your Sydney warehouse lease, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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