Sydney Building Strip-Out: Stripping Out Retail Spaces

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve completed all sorts of demolition and strip-out projects across Sydney.

This includes office strip-out, office demolition, bathroom strip-outs, kitchen strip-outs and all kinds of other building demolition.

Retail strip-outs are yet another type of job that we’re very well-versed in.

These projects can be involved, costly and fraught with health and safety risks if they aren’t handled properly.

Therefore, it’s essential that you hire the professionals to strip out your retail space.

Removing Shop Fixtures and Frontage

One of the first parts of your retail space we’ll address is the fixtures in your store and the frontage.

This includes shelving, display racks, the counter and any other benches.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ll remove these items quickly and safely. Moreover, we ensure they remain intact so that they can be more easily repurposed or recycled.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Air conditioning and heating units will be removed safely.

Due to the potential for these items to be quite heavy, our workers always practice safe measures when carrying and disposing of bulky items.

This greatly reduces the chance of injury.

Electrical and Plumbing

Any electrical and plumbing that your business has installed must be removed during a strip out if your makegood clause demands you return the premises to its original condition.

Again, we remove these items safely and swiftly, to ensure minimal risk.

Partitions and Temporary Structures

At Sydney City Rubbish, we find ourselves removing partitions and other temporary structures in a variety of settings.

From offices to retail spaces, these items can be a hassle to handle. However, we’ll make it a breeze, and keep them in ideal condition for reuse or recycling.

Removing Finishes

Floor, wall and ceiling finishes can be difficult to remove.

However, we’re able to remove these finishes quickly and comprehensively. Moreover, finishes like carpet and laminate flooring are sustainable materials.

That means that they can be easily recycled and, in some cases, reused.

Concrete Grinding

Once all of your floor finishes are removed, it’s likely you’ll be left with a concrete slab.

Some floor finishes like epoxy and vinyl leave glue resin, or there may be remnants of painted lines and other markings.

To properly remove these pollutants, professional concrete grinding may be required.

Thankfully, at Sydney City Rubbish, we’re adept at concrete grinding in a number of settings, including for a retail strip out or make good project.

Rubbish Removal

As an experienced and qualified Sydney rubbish removal company, responsible waste management is always at the heart of what we do.

Therefore, we guarantee that all the waste produced during a retail strip out or makegood will be disposed of properly.

That means reusing everything possible, and recycling whatever cannot be reused.

To discuss your Sydney retail strip out or demolition project, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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