Stripping Out Safely


If you decide to do the strip out yourself, you must make sure that the tools you’re using are in good condition, and all safety features are in order.

For instance, ensure the blade guards on your power tools are working properly, and all electrical cables are in perfect condition.

The head on your sledgehammer should be fixed tight to avoid any flying chunks of steel, and chisels must be sharp to avoid accidents.

Faulty tools can cause serious accidents, ranging from cuts to electrocution. Be thorough when checking your tools.

Durable Clothing

You don’t need to own construction specific clothing, but it does help when working on a DIY strip out or demolition project.

As a substitute, wear a pair of tough trousers, and a flannel shirt or strong jumper. Thick clothing reduces the chance of cuts by broken tiles or glass, or even your own tools.

Furthermore, it prevents your skin from being overexposed to dust and other particles.


When you’re swinging a hammer around, smashing tiles and basins during your demolition, you must protect your eyes.

Flying fragments can do a lot of damage to the unprotected eye, so construction glasses are a necessity. These are cheap and easy to buy from a hardware store.

Do not risk your eyes under any circumstances.


Sharp objects pose a risk to your hands, due to the fact that you’ll be in close proximity when using tools or carrying construction waste.

As well as that, you can be directly exposed to mould, grime and all manner of harmful particles when stripping out a bathroom or kitchen.

For those reasons, ensure you have a pair of sturdy, waterproof gloves.


Strong shoes are necessary when working on a strip out or demolition.

Steel capped boots are certainly the best option, to ensure your feet are protected from any heavy items that may fall on them.

A thick sole and upper also prevents any sharp objects piercing the top or bottom of your shoes, and injuring your feet.

Ear Muffs

If you’re using power tools, ear muffs are a must.

Even repeated hammering can damage your ears. Exposure to such loud sounds in a confined space can cause long term damage to your hearing.

Again, ear muffs are cheap and easy to purchase at a hardware store.


If you’re working above your shoulders, a helmet should be worn.

Head injuries can be extremely serious, and accidents do happen in the construction industry. Be prepared for any eventuality.

Dust Mask

When you’re dealing with plaster, tiles or just dust in general, make sure you wear a mask.

Dust is a serious risk factor in a construction environment. It can cause respiratory scarring, damage your eyes, and when it comes to silica dust, can even cause cancer later in life.

A mask will help to prevent you breathing in these harmful particles.

Even if you’ve checked your tools and have all the required equipment, there’s no substitute for an experienced professional rubbish removal company.

To discuss your demolition or strip out with a professional, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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